Rihanna's London Mansion Is Up For Sale - For $40 Million


  • Every Wondered What A Multi-million Dollar Celebrity Lifestyle Looks Like? Check Out RhiRhi's London Pad
  • Look Inside The Singer's London Mansion - The Rooms Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Ever Wondered What A Multi Platinum Grammy Award Winner's House Looks Like?

Her status as one of the biggest names in the music industry is indisputable as for the last two decades Rihanna has sold millions of records.

The Grammy Award winner's popularity is not just confined to the US as the singer is adored all over the world including in the UK where she set up base back in 2018.

The London property is now on the market and will set you back $40 million. If you don't have that kind of cash you will have to join the rest of us and look at the inside from your phone via the internet ... so let's do it!

Doesn't Look Like A Music Star's House From The Outside

Don't misunderstand - it still looks great from the outside but in typical UK fashion it is more about understated elegance rather than US over the top extravagance.

However it is reported that the Barbados born star was forking out around $23,000 a week to live here, so whilst it may not stand out from the others in the neighbourhood on the outside wait until you see the inside.


The singer moved into the mansion in 2018 and as you can see there is more than enough room for her massive entourage that follows her where ever she goes.

In keeping with the understated theme, the lounge interior has a stylish and luxurious feel. Perfect to come home to and relax after those hard days at the studio.

Take A Bow

Rihanna is known for being a very hard worker in the industry as when she is not working on a new album, she will most likely be found touring or even acting in a Hollywood film.

She never stops.

Obviously she can't be spending all the time sorting out her home decor so she probably got an interior designer to do the job - and what a job they have done.

Tranquil Bathtime

After a full day in the studio the Grammy award winner could relax in this magnificent bathroom that wouldn't look out of place in a royal palace.

With chandeliers that "shine bright like a diamond" and beautiful arched windows the singer would be completely relaxed in this environment.

The only thing missing are the rubber ducks!

Dinner Time

We all have had that problem in the holidays when all our family members are round and we run out of chairs.

RhiRhi has obviously suffered from this experience where her cousins would be sitting on deckchairs and spare boxes as she has made sure there are enough seats to host multiple families.


The mansion also boasts a garage large enough for 10 cars just in case the Prime Minister is coming round.


Stylish Kitchen With Island

Big, expensive and clean kitchens are always impressive and this one is no different.

The huge kitchen area (not to mention the size of that fridge!) is kitted out with everything the 32-year-old needs to make her favourite dish of curry with rice and peas.

Not that she would be making it though - she has a small army of chefs to do that.


Another Lounging Area

There is no chance of the Barbadian singer suffering from boredom in this place. There are so many rooms to entertain you could easily get lost.

Here we have another sitting room on the first floor overlooking the plush garden outside...a perfect room for your Grammy collection.

Even Rihanna Loves Decking

Everyone knows that a London mansion is never complete unless it has decking outside for the tables in chairs.

Whilst the weather may not be like the singer's home country of Barbados there is plenty of room for Barbecues and parties on the weekend and with the huge gazebos even the rain won't stop you.


Soak Up The Sun

On one of those rare occasions where the sun is out RhiRhi and her family can chill out in the back on the loungers.

Perfect for all those sun worshippers and for those long evenings in summer and if you move the loungers around enough you could even squeeze in room for an impromptu gig.


Yours For Only $40million

This London mansion is something we all dream of and from top to bottom is filled full of luxurious items and furniture that only the very rich can afford.

According to rightmove it's "once in a blue moon" that a property linked to such an iconic star comes on to the market but you may have to provide evidence of your earnings should you wish to book a viewing.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

The 32-year-old singer feels like she has been around for a lot longer than she has since she broke onto the music scene at the age of 16.

Her incredible success over the years through dedication and hard work (and of course some luck) has seen her go from living in a Bungalow in Bridgetown, Barbados to some of the most exclusive properties in the world including this London mansion.

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