Meet The Fox News Anchors That Are Responsible For The Channel's Success


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  • These Fox News Presenters Attract Millions Of Viewers
  • It Is One Of The Most Popular News Channels In The World And These Are The People Responsible For It

It's One Of The Most Successful News Corporations And Is Famous For Its Anchors

Since its launch back in 1996, Fox News has gone on to become one of the most successful news broadcasters in the world.

The channel's phenomenal growth, which has seen it become one of the largest influences on American politics, can be largely attributable to its hugely popular presenters and reporters.

The news channel's female reporters in particular have helped ensure that over the years viewers continue to tune in every night to catch up on current affairs.

Whether it is Jeanine Pirro on Justice with Jeanine or Gretchen Carlson of Fox and Friends, these women have helped make Fox the top rated news channel that it is today.


1Katie Pavlich

Katie Pavlich Net Worth: $2million

Seen on: Outnumbered

Born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1988, Catherine Merri 'Katie' Pavlich received her BA from the University of Arizona.

She first appeared on Fox in 2013 when she was an alternative anchor on "The Five".


In addition to her appearances on The Five, the journalist has also appeared on other prominent US networks including CNN and CNBC.

The Arizona graduate has also appeared on Fox Business.

In addition to her TV work, Pavlich currently hosts a podcast called, 'Everything's Going To Be All Right' with Sean Spicer, former Press Secretary to the White House.


2Uma Pemmaraju

Uma Pemmaraju Net Worth: $4million

Seen on: Fox News

Pemmaraju was born in India and raised in San Antonio, Texas.

In the early 90s Pemmaraju worked at local channels in Dallas and Baltimore where she set the standards for journalism after winning an Emmy.


After her remarkable success at the local media level the Emmy-award winning journalist was headhunted to be of the original presenters back when Fox started in 1996.

News of her joining even boosted the shareholder valuations, as many started to become optimistic about the future of Fox News.

She has interviewed the likes of Buzz Aldrin and the Dalai Lama and the The Big Sisters' Organization of America named her "The Woman of Achievement".


3Holly McKay

Holly McKay Net Worth: $500,000

Seen on: Fox News

Born in Queensland, Australia, McKay moved to New York when she was accepted into Pace University in 2006.

Whilst she was in her last semester she interned at Fox and wrote a business column called 'Pop-Tarts' for their website.


McKay has gone on to become a talented investigative reporter and foreign correspondent, as she has reported from Iraqi battlefields and war-torn areas in the middle east.

Her vast experience even gave her the opportunity to contribute to video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as she helped create ideas and stories to make the game more authentic.


4Jillian Mele

Jillian Mele net worth: $900,000

Seen On: Fox & Friends

Born in Glenside, Pennsylvania Mele graduated with a B.A in arts and communication from La Salle University in Philadelphia.

Mele's first stint as in the media came when she was offered a position as a sports anchor in Maine.


Mele continued to work in sports when she joined NBC Sports Philadelphia in 2014. It was here that she won a Emmy for her show about the Olympics.

After her Emmy, the sports journalist became headhunted by Fox to host one of their most profitable and long running shows, Fox & Friends.

The show's massive ratings continue to climb to this day.


5Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley Earhardt net worth: $6 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends

Born in Spartanburg, South California in 1976, Earhardt moved to North Carolina as a young child. She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A in journalism.


The young graduate worked as an anchor in South Carolina and San Antonio, Texas before Roger Ailes offered her a place in Fox News in 2007.

Despite the lack of background knowledge of politics, Earhardt accepted the position.

Earhardt managed to get her own show, "Fox & Friends" and has appeared on Sean Hannity's show with her own segment.

After her two divorces, it was revealed that Earhardt and Hannity have been dating for a number of years.


6Molly Line

Molly Line net worth: $2.5 million

Seen On: Fox News

Raised in West Virginia, Molly Line got her BA in Mass Communication and Political Science in 1999 from Virginia Tech.

After working for WXXA (Channel 23) and a New York Channel in the early 2000s, Line joined Fox News in 2006.


During her time as an anchor and journalist she has covered notable stories such as the Richard Reid's sentencing, the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting and the arrest of Neil Entwistle.


7Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas Net Worth: $12 million

Seen On: Red Eye, Fox Report with Shepard Smith

Born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1973, Banderas achieved her B.A. from Emerson College.

Her career in journalism started in Boston when she was an anchorwoman for local news shows.


In 2008, she joined Fox News when she replaced Laurie Dhue on Fox Report Weekend.

She later left that role to become a weekday anchor and is currently a fill-in anchor for various Fox News shows.

She is married to Andres Sansone who together are founders of the Big Apple Channel and Old Rock Media.


8Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly Net Worth: $45 million

Seen On: The Kelly File, America Live, America’s Newsroom

Perhaps the most famous female anchor in the history of Fox News, former corporate defense attorney Megyn Kelly started out presenting America Live and America's Newsroom.


Her show, The Kelly File, was one of the most watched shows on the network and made the extremely popular Kelly a household name.

She left Fox in 2017 to join NBC where the highly sought after host was given her own show. Kelly was cancelled amid controversy just a year later.

She currently hosts a podcast, "The Megyn Kelly Show", but has said she will return back to the newsroom.


9Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro Net Worth: $12 million

Seen On: Justice with Jeanine

Former prosecutor and judge, Jeanine Pirro hosts the famous Fox News program, "Justice with Jeanine".

The outspoken host received her B.A. from the University of Buffalo and her law degree from Albany Law School


Pirro made history when she became the first female judge ever to be elected in Westchester County, New York.

The famous judge previously worked at NBC on The Today Show and NBC News before being given her own show on Fox in 2011.


10Martha MacCallum

Martha MacCallum Net Worth: $8 million

Seen On: The Story with Martha MacCallum

Born in Wyckoff, New Jersey in 1964, MacCallum earned her B.A in political science from St. Lawrence University in New York state.

In her late 20s, MacCallum pursued in a career in broadcasting starting out at Wall Street Journal Television from 1991 to 1996.


She also worked at NBC and CNBC before joining Fox in 2004 where she has been the presidential election correspondent for four election cycles.

The Women in Journalism Organization awarded her the Grace Award twice.

She and her husband, Dan Gregory, currently reside in New Jersey with their 3 children.


11Maria Bartiromo

Maria Bartiromo Net Worth: $50 million

Seen On: Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1967 to Italian immigrants, Maria Bartiromo is one of the most well known Fox News presenters.

She graduated from New York University in 1989 with a B.A. in journalism and economics.


Bartiromo is the first ever reporter to broadcast live on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

The economics graduate worked for CNBC and CNN for 25 years before joining Fox in 2013 where she hosts Sunday Morning Futures, which discusses political and economic issues of the day.


12Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee Net Worth: $5.5 million

Seen On: Fox Business Morning

Anchor Jenna Lee was born in San Francisco, California in 1980. She graduated from the University of California in 2002 with a B.A. in English and global studies.

She earned her master's degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


Whilst doing her masters, she freelanced for as a writer before joining full time.

After some television work with Forbes, Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes hired the young graduate in 2007, where she would host Fox Business Morning alongside Nicole Petallides.

She went on to co-host Happening Now with Jon Scott and is currently an anchor on Fox News.


13Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Net Worth: $16 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was born in Rhode Island in 1977. Hasselbeck became famous after she appeared on the second season of the hit reality TV show Survivor.

She became even more well known after she married NFL star Tim Hasselback.


Her fame landed her a job on ABC's The View, a women's talk show where she worked from 2003 to 2013.

After leaving The View, Elisabeth joined Fox & Friends from 2013 to 2015.

The former talk show host has now retired from television but still does the occasional guest appearance on Fox.


14Lea Gabrielle

Lea Gabrielle Net Worth: $3 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends

Lea Gabrielle was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1975. After graduating from the US Naval Academy in 1997 with a B.A in Science and Mechanical engineering, Gabrielle served 12 years in the US Navy.


Upon leaving the Navy she pursued a career in journalism after earning her digital journalism certificate from the NY Film Academy in 2009.

Lea worked for Shep Smith's show on NBC as a military reporter before joining Fox News as a journalist and correspondent in December 2012.


15Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews Net Worth: $75 million

Seen On: Fox NFL

Born in Lewiston, Maine Andrews is the daughter of six time Emmy Award winning journalist Steven Andrews.

A sports fanatic growing up, Andrews attended the University of Floria and earned a B.A in Telecommunication in 2000.


The self-confessed 'tomboy' joined Fox Sports Florida as a freelancer in 2000 before joining ESPN in 2004.

She rejoined Fox NFL in 2011 where she covers College Football and has been a field reporter for events such as the World Series, the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

In 2014 Andrews replaced Brooke Burke-Charvet as cost host of Dancing with the Stars for the show's 18th season.


16Kacie McDonnell

Kacie McDonnell Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: FNSC

Born in Pennsylvania, McDonnell graduated from Villanova University with a B.A in communications.

Before joining Fox News, the college graduate worked at a number of local stations including New England Sports Network which covered games across Boston.


The talented reporter joined Fox in 2020 and is currently working on the Fox Nation Subscription Channel as a lifestyle host and sports reporter.

Her first assignment for Fox was to work as a red carpet reporter for the 2019 Patriot Awards.

She is currently dating Eric Hosmer, a player for the San Diego Padres baseball team.


17Sandra Smith

Sandra Smith Net Worth: $2 million

Seen On: America’s Newsroom, Outnumbered

Born in Wheaton, Chicago, Sandra Smith was a prolific cross country runner in her high school days.

After graduating from Louisiana State University, Smith started out as a researcher in Aegis Capital where she would produce weekly stock reports for clients.


After working for a number of financial firms she joined Bloomberg TV, which was a first role in the media.

In 2007, Smith joined Fox to help launch the new Fox Business Network.

She has been a regular on a number of shows including, Happy Hour, Hannity and Red Eye.


18Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren Net Worth: $3 million

Seen On: Tomi on TheBlaze, Contributor

Born in 1992 in Rapid City, South Dakota, Tomi Lahren is a political commentator that graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.A in broadcast journalism and political science.

Lahren's profile gained media attention when she was host for TheBlaze in a segment named, Final Thoughts.


Her success was noted by Fox and in 2017 she was offered a chance to host her own show on the network called, First Thoughts.

The famous host currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee having moved from Los Angeles in 2020.


19Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry Net Worth: $1.5 million

Seen On: Fox Sports Contributor

Born in New Jersey, 1986, Brittany McHenry graduated from the Medill School of Journalism before embarking on a career in media.

She started out as a sports reporter and fill-in anchor for ABC and NewsChannel 8.


In 2014 she joined ESPN as a sports correspondent before being laid off by the company.

She now works for Fox Sports and Fox Nation.

In March 2020, the anchor revealed she had brain cancer and underwent surgery to remove a tumour.


20Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham Net Worth: $70 million

Seen On: The Ingraham Angle

Born in Connecticut, Ingraham graduated from the University of Virginia Law School in 1991.

Before her career in the media, Ingraham worked as a court clerk for Clarence Thomas, a Justice of the Supreme Court.


The Doctor of Law also became a policy advisor and speech writer for the Reagan administration.

The impressive resume made Ingraham a top candidate for news organisations during the mid 90s where she worked for MSNBC and CBS.

She joined Fox News in 2008 and eventually got her own TV show in 2017, The Ingraham Angle.


21Shannon Bream

Shannon Bream Net Worth: $4 million

Seen On: Fox News @ Night

Born December 23rd, 1970, Shannon Bream was a student at Liberty University and, Florida state.

It was whilst she was at University she won the title of Miss Virginia, which enabled her to cover her college expenses.


After obtaining a law degree from Florida State University, Bream worked for WBTV in Charlotte.

She worked there for 3 years before Fox editor Brit Hume offered her a job at Fox where she now hosts Fox News @ Night.


22Patricia Regan

Patricia Regan Net Worth: $20 million

Seen On: Trish Regan Primetime

Host of Fox Business show Trish Regan Primetime, Patricia Regan was born in New Hampton, New Hampshire in 1972.

She was Miss New Hampshire in 1994 before going on to to graduate from Columbia University in 2000 with a B.A in history.


The former Miss New Hampshire joined Fox from 2015 to 2020 before her show was cancelled.

Prior to working at Fox Regan has also worked at CBS, CNBC and Bloomberg TV and has earned critical acclaim for her work regarding terrorist activity near the South American Tri-Border region.


23Dana Perino

Dana Perino Net Worth: $17.2 million

Seen On: The Five, The Daily Briefing

Dana Perino has had a varied career. She was the 24th White House Press Secretary and the second ever female to do the job from 2007 to 2009.


She is a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (2010 - 2012) and is now a political commentator for Fox News.

She is the co-host for the Fox show The Daily Briefing and is has her own show The Five.

She is an executive director of Random House Publishing and has written two books, one about her Vizla dog, Jasper.

She is married to Peter McMahon.


24Claudia Cowan

Claudia Cowan Net Worth: $10 million

Seen On: Outnumbered, Bill Hemmer Reports

Born July 31, 1963 in California, Cowan began her media career as an errand girl before becoming a reporter.

She covered local stories around California for CBS and NBC.


Cowan joined Fox two years after their launch in 1998, as their correspondent in the Bay Area.

The Californian has been with Fox ever since and has reported on a number of high profile events including the Isla Vista shootings in 2014.

Cowan is an alumnus of the University of California and is married to sports rep Steve Baker.


25Harris Faulkner

Harris Faulkner Net Worth: $6 million

Seen On: Outnumbered, Outnumbered Overtime

Harris Faulkner is a newscaster for Fox News.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1965, Faulkner attended the University of California where she earned a B.A in mass communications.


Faulkner's first foray into the media was with LA Weekly, where she was employed as a business writer and was paid $50 per article.

Her TV career began with in internship in LA before joining Fox in 2011.

She is the co-host of Outnumbered and its sister show Outnumbered Overtime.

The show focuses on pure news stories rather than discussions and opinion based commentaries.

Faulkner has six Emmy awards.


26Melissa Francis

Melissa Francis Net Worth: $8 million

Seen On: Outnumbered

Melissa Francis' first claim to fame was starring in a baby shampoo commercial for Johnson & Johnson when she was six months old.

She went on to be a child actress, appearing on Little House on the Prairie for two seasons and St. Elsewhere in 1986.


After her career as a child actress, Francis attended Harvard University where she graduated with a B.A in economics in 1999.

After graduating she joined CNBC, hosting After the Bell, a weekday program before joining the Fox Business Network and Fox News.

Francus is a regular panelist for the program's talk show, Outnumbered.

She released her second book, Lessons from the Prairie, about her time on the the Little House on the Prairie.


27Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson Net Worth: $16 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends

Born in Coon Rapids, Anoka County, Minnesota in 1966, before becoming a prominant news anchor, Gretchen Carlson was best known for representing Minnesota in the Miss America Pageant in 1988, which she won.

Carlson graduated from Stanford University in 1990 with honours in organizational behaviour.


After working on CBS News, Carlson worked on Fox and Friends from 2006 where she became anchor soon after.

She retired from the Fox network in 2016 to focus on her writing. She released her novel, Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back in 2017.

The same year she was named by Time Magazine as one of the 'Most Influential People in the World'.


28Heather Nauert

Heather Nauert Net Worth: $3 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends First

Born January 27, 1970 in Rockford Illinois, Heather Nauert worked as a government official before switching careers into journalism.

Whilst she has appeared on ABC she has mostly worked for Fox as a special reporter since joining in 1998.


She has worked as a US State Department spokeswoman as well as Undersecretary of State of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs in the years 2017 to 2019.

Nauert is a member of the Hudson Institute as well as the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board.


29Andrea Tantaros

Andrea Tantaros Net Worth: $3.5 million

Seen On: Fox Outnumbered

Born December 30, 1978 in Pennsylvania, Andrea Tantaros graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in French and Journalism.

It was at University where Tantaros interned at CNN at Crossfire.


She joined Fox in 2010 as a political commentator and became co-host of the hugely popular, The Five, in 2011.

The show was the second most viewed program on cable at the time and was rated more than double CNN and MSNBC put together in the same timeslot.


30Jamie Colby

Jamie Colby Net Worth: $6 million

Seen On: Strange Inheritance

Born in Queens, New York, Jamie Colby earned her B.B.A in accounting at the University of Miami.

Before joining Fox, Colby worked as a correspondent for CNN and a fill in anchor at CBS.


Colby joined Fox in July 2003 as a national news correspondent and anchor before going on to host Strange Inheritance on the Fox Business Network.

The popular show covers the 'strange' and peculiar items that have been left to friends in family in various wills and trusts.

She co-authored a book Back to Life after a Heart Crises with her ex-husband Marc Wallack.


31Elizabeth Prann

Elizabeth Prann Net Worth: $1.5 million

Seen On: Self: American Election HQ

Elizabeth Prann was born in Aurora, Colorado and earned her B.A. in journalism from the University of Florida.

She joined Fox News in 2006 as an assistant reporter to Greta Van Susteren.


Prann has reported on the Deepwater Horizon Spill, as well as the West Fertilizer Plant explosion.

Based in Washington, she has had a number of roles including a fill-in reporter, producer, and anchor.

Prann currently works for the CNN subsidiary, HLN.


32Rebecca Diamond

Rebecca Diamond Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Fox Business Happy Hour

Born Rebecca Lee Gomez, Rebecca graduated in 1991 from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism.

After leaving University she worked for Lifetime Television as an anchor and as a business writer for the Associated Press.


Diamond was one of the original anchors that helped launch Fox News back in 1996.

She presented the show The Happy Hour live from the Bull & Bear bar in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.

Diamond continues to be a contributor to Fox News and Fox Business News shows.


33Patti Ann Browne

Patti Ann Browne Net Worth: $3 million

Seen On: Weekend Morning Line, Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, Fox and Friends

Born in Queens, New York in 1965, Brown went to Fordham University in New York where she acquired a B.A. in Communications.

After leaving University the graduate started out at a local station in Long Island where she became a general assignment reporter


It was at this local station she covered events like the TWA Flight 800 crash and the bombing of the World Trader Center.

Brown joined Fox in 2000 as a guest panelist on Greg Gutfeld's show, Red Eye with Greg Gutfield.

She later went on to become a co-host on Fox and Friends before leaving the company in 2018.


34Carley Shimkus

Carley Shimkus Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends First

Carley Shimkus was born November 7, 1986 in New Jersey.

In 2005 she graduated West Morris Central High School in Chester, New Jersey.


In 2009, Shimkus graudated with a B.A. in broadcast journalism from Quinnipac University in Connecticut.

She interned at Fox News during her senior year and worked as a producer after she left University.

The college graduate was then given a promotion from behind the camera to be an on-air host.

Shimkus is now the headlines reporter for one of Fox's most popular programs, Fox & Friends.


35Dr Wendy Walsh

Dr Wendy Walsh Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Dr. Wendy Walsh Show

Born April 30, 1962 in Nova Scotia, Canada, Dr Wendy Walsh graduated from Ryerston University with a B.A. in journalism.

The talented graduate would also attend the California Graduate Institute with a Ph.D in clinical psychology.



Walsh has appeared on a number of networks to discuss psychology as she is a qualified psychotherapist, author and lecturer in the subject.

She hosts her own show, The Dr Wendy Walsh Show, on KFI radio.

Walsh joined Fox in 2013 as a guest host on The O'Reilly Factor.

The 30 Day Love Detox is the name of the book that Walsh wrote which helps people "cleanse" themselves of bad relationships


36Amy Holmes

Amy Holmes Net Worth: $3 million

Seen On: Real News, also Fox as an Independent Political Contributor

Born in Lusaka, Zambia on July 25th 1973. After her parents divorce, Holmes moved to Seattle and was raised by her mother.

She achieved her B.A. in Economics from Princeton University in 1994.


The anchor is a co-host of In Principle, a talk show on PBC.

Fox viewers will remember her from her time as an anchor for TheBlaze TV, a Glenn Beck program where she hosted Real News.

Holmes is a political commentator and has worked for MSNBC for the show Way Too Early, which as the name suggests aired at 5:30 AM.


37Juliet Huddy

Juliet Huddy Net Worth: $2 million

Seen On: Juliet: UNEXPECTED

Born September 27, 1969 in Miami Beach, Florida Huddy is the daughter of John Huddy, a TV producer.

In 1987, Juliet earned a degree in political science at the University of Missouri.


After working for a number of local channels as a journalist including her mother and father's channel, Huddy joined Fox News in 1998 in Miami.

She has worked on a number of shows since her time at Fox including Fox and Friends, Dayside and The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.

Huddy has been married four times.


38Anna Kooiman

Anna Kooiman Net Worth: $3.5 million

Seen On: Your World with Neil Cavuto

Born February 7, 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kooiman joined Fox News in New York in 2011.

Before leaving the company in 2016 she was co-host of the weekend edition of Fox & Friends.


Kooiman currently works at News Corp's Australian division at Network Ten as a fill-in anchor and panelist on various news programs.

The TV host also started an online fitness business for Moms, Strong Sexy Mammas, in 2019 in Sydney Australia.

She is married to Tim Stuckey and has two children.


39Alisyn Camerota

Alisyn Camerota Net Worth: $7.5 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends

Born June 21, 1966 in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Alisyn Camerota graduated from the American University in Washington D.C with a degree in broadcast journalism.

She joined Fox back in 1998 when Fox had only been running for two years and was co-host of Fox and Friends.


Camerota has been nominated twice for a Emmy for her reporting on Hurricane Harvey, the terror attacks in Paris and the Parkland school shooting.

In 2017 she wrote her first book Amanda Wakes Up, about a reporter who struggles to do what's right whilst working for a cable network during a presidential election.

She left Fox in 2014.


40Jane Skinner

Jane Skinner Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Fox Report with Shepard Smith

Born February 12, 1967 in Chicago, Jane Skinner earned a B.A. from Northwestern University.

She joined Fox News as a general reporter in New York having previously worked as an anchor at WITI.


Skinner hosted Happening Now with Jon Scott which aired between 11 AM and 1 PM during the weekdays.

In 2010 she announced that she would be retiring from television so she could spend more time with her husband (NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell) and two children.


41Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Get Tammy Bruce

Born in Los Angeles on August 20, 1962, Tammy Bruce got her B.A in political science from the University of Southern California.


Bruce is a radio host, writer and political commentator and was president of the LA chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Bruce works for Fox as an on-air contributor and has made appearances on the The Laura Ingraham Show and Tucker Carlson Tonight.


42Heather Childers

Heather Childers Net Worth: $3.5 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends First

Heather Childers joined Fox back in 2010 and within one year she was anchor for the show America's News Headquarters.


After becoming an early morning host for a number of years, in 2017 Childers hosted the first installment of Fox & Friends First, from 4-5 AM.

The host was born January 7, 1969 in North Carolina and has a degree in English from the University of North Carolina.


43Amy Kellogg

Amy Kellogg Net Worth: $2 million

Seen On: Cavuto Live

Amy Kellogg has been with Fox since the late 90s where she has worked as a foreign news correspondent.

She is based in Milan but has worked in a number of international cities including in Moscow, Russia.


Kellogg has covered a wide range of stories including the Amanda Knox trial, the elections in Iran and Russia and also the London Olympics in 2012 and the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate.

The correspondent has also spent time in Chechyna during the country's second civil war.


44Janice Dean

Janice Dean Net Worth: $4 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends

Born May 9, 1970 in Toronto Canada, Dean is a weather anchor and popular co-host for Fox & Friends.

Before she joined Fox, Dean worked with local affiliates like CHEZ-FM and WBCS-TV.


In 2009, Dean won the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval for her weather reporting.

She is married to Sean Newman and has two sons.

In 2005, Dean was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.


45Lauren Green

Lauren Green Net Worth: $2 million

Seen On: Fox and Friends

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1961, Lauren Green earned degrees from the University of Minnesota and Northwestern University.

Green is Fox News' Chief Religion Correspondent and was headline anchor for the network on Fox & Friends.


In 1984, Green became the first black woman to win the title of Miss Minnesota.

She is a regular panelist on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

In addition to her career achievements, Green is a classical pianist and has even released an album in 2004 called Classical Beauty.


46Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Fox News Radio (Contributor)

Harvard graduate Jennifer Griffin works as a National Security Correspondent for Fox News.

She started out as a journalist in South Africa, working from a desk in Johannesburg.


Griffin has covered major stories such as Nelson Mandela's release from prison and the transition from apartheid.

She worked in the middle east for the Associated Press before joining Fox.

Griffin briefly retired in 2009 when she was diagnosed with tripe-negative breast cancer.

The reporter returned to Fox in 2010 after succesful treatment and surgery meant she was in good health.


47Aishah Hasnie

Aishah Hasnie Net Worth: $450,000

Seen On: Fox and Friends First

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Aishah Hasnie moved to Bedford, Indiana with a family when she was a child.

She graduated Indiana University with a B.A. in journalism.


The Emmy-Award nominated journalist joined Fox in 2011 and became an anchor of First at Four.

In 2019 she joined Fox News in New York as a host of Fox & Friends and Fox & Friends First.

In August 2021 she was named as congressional correspondent for Fox News.


48Molly Henneberg

Molly Henneberg Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Fox Files (General Assignment Reporter)

Born August 13, 1973, Molly Henneberg grew up in Falls Church, Virginia and received a B.A in English from Vanderbilt University.


Henneberg joined Fox in 2001 and was based in Washington D.C. whilst she worked as a White House correspondent.

She has covered a number of high profile events including the 2004 Presidential Campaign, Hurricane Katrina and travelled to Baghdad to cover Operation Iraqi Freedom.


49Laura Ingle

Laura Ingle Net Worth: $500,000

Seen On: Geraldo at Large

Originally based in Dallas, Texas, Laura Ingle joined Fox in 2005.

She moved to New York City to be part of the Fox News team where she is part of the Geraldo At Large show.


Prior to joining Fox Ingle worked in Sacramento and Los Angeles where she covered major events like the Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson trials.

Ingle is married to Kenny Kramme and has a son who was born in 2013.


50Kayleigh McEnany

Kayleigh McEnany Net Worth: $1 million

Seen On: Fox News Commentator

Born April 18, 1988 in Tampa, Florida, McEnany majored in international politics at Georgetown University.

McEnany's first experience in the media was as a producer on the Mike Huckabee show.


In 2015 she worked as a political commentator on CNN before leaving in 2017 to work as a political strategist for then President Donald Trump.

In 2020 she became the Whitehouse Press Secretary, a role which she thrived in.

After leaving her role in 2021 McEnany joined Fox News as a political commentator and is also a co-host of Outnumbered.


The Women Responsible For Fox News' Success

Whether its Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson or more recently Kayleigh McEnany, over the years Fox News have given a platform to some of the most talented female journalists in America.

In return they have helped build Fox News to become one of the highest rated news channels in the world.


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