11 Books Recommended By The Most Succesful Entrepreneurs In The World


  • Reading Is The Key To Your Future Growth As A Person And In Business
  • Show Me A Succesful Entrepreneur And I Will Show You Someone Who Reads Constantly. Here Are Some Of The Books That They Love To Read Again And Again

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Reading Is A Forgotten Superpower That Will Change Your Life

ALL, yes ALL of the top entrepreneurs and succesful individuals in the world read books.

They have done it constantly and consistently throughout their life.

Ditch the new Netflix series and change your life today by reading some of their favourite books.


1Warren Buffet Strongly Recommends "How To Win Friends And Influence People"

Widely regarded as the most succesful investor of all time, Warren Buffet is not the typical billionaire.

He lives a humble lifestyle in his hometown of Omaha, where he still resides in the house he bought back in the 1970s.

Buffet attributes his success in business and life to the development of his habits early on in his life.

One of the main habits being READING.

The 90-year-old is an avid reader and spends five to six hours EVERYDAY reading books, newspapers and company reports.

However, the prolific investor believes that one of the most important books he has ever read wasn't even an investment book - it was Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

From a young age Buffet knew how to spot an business opportunity, but lacked the skills to manage and invest in people.

He widely credits Carnegie's book with changing his life.



2Mark Cuban Reads 3 Hours Everyday Without Fail

Another Billionaire investor, Mark Cuban, believes that the time he dedicates to reading is what gives him a huge advantage over others.

The 62-year-old freely admits that his wife hates the fact that he dedicates a minimum of 3 hours per day to reading, but the disciplined businessman attributes reading as much as possible about new industries for the reason behind his success...even in sectors that he had no prior experience.

Out of his vast book collection, Cuban cites "Principles" by Ray Dalio as one of the most important books in his collection.

In 2018, Cuban tweeted that the book is “the book I wish I had as a young entrepreneur, stressing over not knowing what I didn’t know”.

The book focus' on developing the one skill that Cuban rates higher than everything else in business, perpetual learning.

Dalio himself is a billionaire hedge fund founder and explains in the book that being brutally honest about other people's opinions was the key to developing great ideas.


3Elon Musk Used To Read Two Books A Day

In a 2017 interview for Rolling Stone Elon Musk stated that it was "books, then my parents" who raised him when he was growing up back in South Africa.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO revealed that he had read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica at the age of 9!!

He would regularly read up to 10 hours a day and his brother, Errol, even said that he would read at least two books a day.

During his adolescent years, his brother even joked that during parties his friends would be talking about sports whereas the future tech CEO would be looking at the host's book collection.

Musk is a big fan of biographies and finds it fascinating to get a real and genuine insight into the life of someone he admires.

One of biographies he regularly reads is Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson. Franklin is one of Musk's hero given the extraordinary life he had having worked his way up from nothing.


4Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Reads A Book Every Other Week

After knowing that entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, who on average read two books a day, seeing that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reads a book every two weeks seems a bit underwhelming in comparison.

However, reading a book every two weeks is still a prolific pace to keep up with.

Back in 2015, the computer programmer announced that he would be reading a book every fortnight as part of a "Year of Books" challenge.

The first book in the year long challenge that Zuckerberg recommends is The End of Power by Moisés Naím.

The billionaire tech CEO even gave a brief synopsis of the book and how he felt it was relevant to today's social and political climate.

Zuckerberg believes the book "explores how the world is shifting to give individual people more power that was traditionally only held by large governments, militaries and other organizations. The trend towards giving people more power is one I believe in deeply, and I'm looking forward to reading this book and exploring this in more detail."



5Jeff Bezos Loved Reading So Much He Started His Own Online Bookstore!

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was an avid reader from an early age and still is today.

In an interview about his life the billionaire revealed that despite his huge success he still buys 10 books a month (although he admits to only reading about 3 of them).

His thirst for knowledge and learning is remarkable.

Not only does the richest man in the world understand the power of reading but he understood just how amazing the book industry is.

When he started Amazon from his garage in Bellevue, Washington one of the main reasons he focussed on selling books was due to the fact that there "were more items in the book category than there were in any other category by far".

This shrewd business move was one of many that he picked up by reading books like "Built to Last" by Jim Collins which Bezos regards as his favourite business book.


6Spanx Founder Sara Blakely's Mindset Changed After She Started Reading

In the mid 90s Sara Blakely was selling fax machines door to door before she realised that this isn't what she wanted for the long term.

In a bid to change her life she started to read but due to her hectic work schedule she found it hard to find time to sit down and read without getting disturbed.

The solution was audiobooks.

Specifically, "How to Be a No-Limit Person" by Dr Dyer.

Being constantly on the move meant that the young entrepreneur needed something more flexible.

Dr Dyer's audiobook was the medicine she needed, in more ways than one.

The billionaire mother of four credits the audiobook to giving her the 'lightbulb moment' and when she finally understood the "Entrepreneurial Mindset".


7Bill Gates - The Biggest Reader Of Them All

Bill Gates is known in the mainstream as being the billionaire founder of Microsoft and for being one of the most important figures in software development in the last 30 years.

Perhaps what isn't known about the former CEO is his incredible work ethic and that he was a prolific reader.

During the 90s when Microsoft was becoming THE dominant player in the software industry, Gate's admits that he was a workaholic and would be the first one in the office and was always the last one home.

Even after a long day in the office the computer coding fanatic would continue reading reports and academic studies as soon as he got home...the guy was obsessed.

It's a different story (pardon the pun) these days as the father of three now focusses on his philanthropy work.

He still, however, regularly posts the latest book he is reading at

Gates' favourite business book is "Business Adventures" by John Brooks which he states that it is the "best business book I've ever read".



8Gary Vaynerchuk Regards His Lack Of Reading As A Weakness

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and is obsessed with building businesses.

His day to day life consists of running the multiple businesses that he owns himself, whilst also helping other young, aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals by sharing what he has learned by building million dollar businesses from scratch.

With so much going on in his life, Vaynerchuk, acknowledges that he doesn't read as much as he wants to and even regards it as a weakness.

The Belarus born entrepreneur understands the value of books having written seven himself. He has even remarked that he may be in the unique position of having written more than he has actually read!

One of the most important business books he has ever read was "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson.

You know it must have been an important book if it's one of the only books the serial entrepreneur has ever stuck with.

In fact Job's biography is a frequent recommendation with numerous succesful business people as he is widely regarded as the genius of his generation.


9Google's Founder Sergey Brin Is A Big Richard Feynman Fan

Google Founder Sergey Brin moved to the US very early on in his life and the Russian born youngster struggled to adapt to the new way of life.

In order to deal with change, he started to focus on his studies and soon developed a passion for computers.

He enjoyed it so much that the future tech CEO was able to enroll in one of the most prestigious University's in the country, Stanford, studying computer science.

An avid reader, Brin has stated that one of his favourite books was by Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman, "Surely, You're Joking, Mr Feynman".

The famous scientist was, like Brin, a "late bloomer" as he too struggled socially as a child and instead found himself studying physics all the time.

The book focus' on the ability to think differently and outside of convention, which it is fair to say that it is a lesson that Brin has mastered.


10Snapchat's Evan Spiegel Bought Everyone This Book After Meeting With Mark Zuckerberg

Back in 2012 when the popularity of the photo sharing app Snapchat was taking off, the company's founder, Evan Spiegel, knew he had a billion dollar idea when Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg wanted to meet.

The Zuck doesn't meet up with just anyone.

Facebook's strategy over the years is to not repeat all the mistakes that led to the downfall of

In the last decade Facebook has acquired Instagram, Whatsapp and Giphy and turned them into social media giants.

This aggressive acquisition strategy has also cemented Facebook's position as THE dominant player in the social media space.

Zuckerberg wanted to do the same with Snapchat and told Speigel his plans and that if he didn't sell the company Facebook would release a direct competitor called 'Poke'.

After this early and fairly brutal meeting, an incensed Speigel returned to his company's offices and bought everyone a copy of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War".

The book focus' on anticipating your enemy's next move and when is the best time to attack.

The purchase paid off as the company resisted the temptation to join Facebook went on to get a billion dollar valuation, whilst Poke was discontinued a few years later.



11Richard Branson Loves All Types Of Books

Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson's life story is one of achieving success through hard work and determination.

After dropping out of school at the age of 15 he has gone through life consistently proving people wrong about what he is capable of and what can be achieved...and he continues to do so to this day.

The fact that Virgin Group has operations in airlines, records, mobile, media, animation and health just shows that he will not shy away from any challenge.

One challenge that the 70-year-old has had to deal with all his life was his

dyslexia, but he never let it hold him back.

In fact, the billionaire entrepreneur largely attributes his success to his condition, as it has made him a more creative person.

Sir Branson reads a wide variety of titles these days from books aimed at children to ones for high level management.

"Originals" by Adam Grant is one of the top recommendations from the business tycoon's library as it will help inspire creativity and change - two values which the entrepreneur believes is reason behind his incredible life.


Get Reading Today

Some of these entrepreneurs have taken reading to an extreme level (something I never thought was possible).

You don't have be Elon Musk and read two books a day in order to be inspired. Just a couple of chapters everyday can be very powerful.

Check out some of the books above and get started today.

If you have read any of the ones suggested let us know what you thought of them in the comment section below.


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