5 Ways To Make The Most Of Quarantine


  • Getting The Most Out Of Self-Isolation in a Worldwide Pandemic
  • It's a worldwide pandemic where we are being asked to say indoors - here's what you can do to make the most of this time

The Global Pandemic Can Be An Opportunity

These are indeed troubling times.

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) advice is to stay at home to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, as Western Governments considers going into lockdown.

This could mean being housebound for weeks and possibly months. These are unprecedented circumstances which you may never get again in your lifetime - use it as an opportunity rather than a holiday.


Get Reading

Many of the world's top CEO's read one book a week - now is the perfect time to start that habit.

Reading is important because it helps develop our thoughts and expand our minds. One book can have the ability to change your mindset and life forever - don't underestimate the power this can have.

It also has the added benefit of relaxing you in these worrying circumstances.



Take the Time to De-Clutter

Rarely do we get the opportunity to stop everything and concentrate on what need's doing. We usually prioritise and the things that we put off never get done but they stay in the back of our minds.

Now is the time to eliminate those nagging thoughts. Address these and your ability to focus and relax in the future will go to another level.




What can't be emphasised enough is that the pandemic that we are living through today are unprecedented in recent times.

With 24 hour media coverage of the outbreaks across the globe and with the country's lockdown here to stay for the immediate future it takes an iron will not to get stressed.

Following the Government guidelines of staying indoors and try to relax for certain periods throughout the day.

Mistakes and miscalculations start to creep in to your life when you are in an overly emotional state.



Get Some Fresh Air and Exercise

Although official advice is to stay indoors - you are currently allowed out to exercise (so long as you stay at least 2 metres away from everyone).

Exercise is key to staying fit and healthy. Not only does it benefit you physically it can be a massive help in reducing stress.

Go for a run or do a HIIT session to get the blood pumping. Not only will you feel better after, it will also give a much needed boost your immune system.



Plan What You Will Do When Things Return To Normal

We have not seen a pandemic like this in recent years but we have had health scares from different countries before.

Whilst the future is not looking great at the moment things will get better and the situation will improve.

Now is the time to think of all those things you wish you had done but never got around to. Whether it's a barbecue with the neighbours or a holiday with friends - make a list of things that you would have taken for-granted a few months ago and make a point of doing them when some sort of normality returns.



No Regrets

There is nothing like a global health crises to let you focus on the most important things in life.

Life is precious as this pandemic has shown - so don't waste it on things you don't love - you haven't got time for that.

If you have an ambition or goal - focus on what you can do to move closer to it. Don't wake up in 20 years time with a regret that you wish you had chased your dream.


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