Daily Routine Tips To Increase Your Productivity


  • Useful tips to add to your daily routine
  • Constantly getting distracted? Do these in your day and you will have laser focus

Constantly getting distracted? Need to improve your willpower?

It's something that everyone can easily suffer from...procrastination.

But by delaying things and putting things off to a later date means we become less productive but more importantly we develop habits that make it harder to get out of.

Here is what you need to do...

Make a To Do List

Right everything that you want to achieve on a particular day.

Some of the most successful people in the world not only have a to do list but people like Elon Musk and Bill Gates actually plan out their day for every 5 minutes.

Stop being perfect!

Our fear of criticism can stop you from getting your name out there or putting your product in the public domain.

This was something Mark Zuckerberg did really well with thefacebook (above). He put his content out there for users despite it looking...well...err...absolute shocking.

Get it out of your head that going to be the finished's not, especially at the start.

But you will achieve something more impressive and quicker if you get yourself out there and create a conversation about you or you work.


Wake Up Early

"I'm more of a night owl, I prefer to work then".

Whether you feel more comfortable working in the morning or at night is not why you should wake up early.

The reason to wake up early is primarily for one builds discipline.

In order to become more productive you need to become disciplined in what you do.

Getting up at the crack of dawn will instil in you the correct mindset to complete numerous tasks throughout the day.

The most successful people in the world tend to be early risers.



Exercise will get you in shape, build your confidence and do lots of beneficial things for your body.

But that's not why it will make you more productive.

Exercise gives you a chance to forget about the problems of the day whether it is work or personal. This escapism refreshes the mind so that when you do come back to face a problem you approach it with renewed enthusiasm.

Put it in your to do list.

Get Some Sleep

We all think you need to burning the midnight oil in order to get more done but it depends on the task in hand.

If you need to focus and be mentally sharp then lack of sleep can absolutely destroy your chances of making correct decisions or getting a task completed.

Your body and mind resets and recharges during sleep so make sure are disciplined enough to go to bed early...ready for that early morning rise


You are now a productivity machine!

The most impactful habits are the ones that you implement in your day to day life over a long period of time.

This is not a quick fix!

Bookmark this page and start slow by just doing one of the recommendations.

When that becomes second nature add another and build you habits and skills over time as this will change your life.

Just doing anything and everything for a week or two is the sign of someone who is impatient and genuinely doesn't want to change their life ... but look like they are trying to.

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