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Robert Kiyosaki is the financial author who is responsible for writing THE personal finance book that defined a generation of entrepreneurs.

Rich Dad Poor Dad was released in 1997 and even as it approaches its 25th anniversary its lessons about business and personal finance remain as important as ever.

You can now listen to the Rich Dad Poor Dad audio book for free below.


The financial based novel went on to become USA Today's #1 Money Book for two years in a row and is the third longest running New York Times bestseller of all times.

Kiyosaki himself has written 27 other finance based books during this retirement (one of which, Midas Touch, was co-authored with former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump).

However, it's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" that remains the fan favourite as it has achieved "legendary" status for those seeking to master their own personal finances.

What's It About?

As a youngster growing up in Hawaii in the 1950s, Kiyosaki was fascinated with wealth.

He states that he was one of the poorest in his school and felt that he was a bit of an outcast as a consequence.

Like so many children, he was not interested in school work but was interested in making money.

Whilst his academic father always told him that he had to work hard at school, then go to university to eventually get a good job, the impatient Kiyosaki wanted to know how to acquire and build wealth now.

He met a local businessman, who was his friends father, who took him under his wing and taught him what the rich did differently with their money.

His new business mentor would be known as his "Rich Dad" whilst his real father would be known as his "Poor Dad".

Who Is The Book For?

The bestselling book is aimed at those looking to quit the 9 to 5 daily grind and gain financial freedom for the first time in their lives.

Whilst the author explains that the business lessons in "Rich Dad Poor Dad" aren't a silver bullet they offer something a lot more powerful.

A change in the way you think about money.

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" is in fact a series of entrepreneurial principles and that once implemented into your daily life, will set you on the path to financial freedom.

For example one of the key lessons that the Hawaiian motivational speaker wants his followers to understand is that "Saving is for Losers".

At first glance, this no-nonsense piece of advice goes against everything we have learned growing up.

We have all had our parents, teachers and even the mainstream media telling us that saving your money is one of the most responsible things you can do with your hard earned cash.

For Kiyosaki, not only was this terrible advice, but it reinforced a mindset that would keep you poor.

The financial coach argued back in the late 90s that the level interest rates were so pathetic, that it would take hundreds of years for you to see any sort of returns that you could retire on.

With interest rates even lower now than they were back then, this lesson has even more importance.

Final Thoughts

A lot of the principles and advice that Rich Dad Poor Dad offers is common sense that you may have even come across before.

However, the difficult part is being open minded enough to implement these principles.

Kiyosaki argues that this is what separates the rich from the poor.

It is not intelligence but rather open mindedness and the willingness to take action.

Implementing the change that the author advocates will take the reader on a powerful journey of self-discovery and change just what they think is possible for their life.

Listening to the Rich Dad Poor Dad audio book is one of the most effective ways to understand and think about the ideas the Hawaiian born entrepreneur talks about.

Whether you are going for an evening walk or relaxing before bed, listening to the Rich Dad Poor Dad audio book repeatedly will go a long way to implementing these business habits into your daily thoughts.

Check it out below.



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