Do You Need a Career Change? These 5 Indicators Will Tell You


  • Can you see yourself still with your current employer in 20 years time?
  • Are you in the right job? If you are experiencing these signs you may want to think about a career change

Switching Careers: What You Need To Know

A change of career is not something many can do on a whim. Like it or not your current employment offers a level of financial security and stability that you will give up immediately once you decide to leave.

The risk and sacrifice that comes with starting again and becoming a "newbie" is substantial and can be too much for many of those who have thought about it.


You Are Stressed More Than You Used To Be

Do you suffer from Sunday Night Syndrome? Are you anxious about turning up to work to start a new week.

Lots of people can let the pressures of work get to them - to the extent that it can sometimes ruin their weekends.

Have you ever been more stressed in work than you are now?

The longer you stay in a company the higher the chance you have a position with lots of responsibilities. This additional burden will make you more stressed but is it worth it - i.e. are you getting compensated for this or is it just expected?



Looking Forward To Leaving Everyday

Are you the last to turn up but the first to leave?

You still get the work done but you don't want to spend more time than necessary in the office.

This is a sure sign that your current role is not for you.

In his 20s Bill Gates didn't take holidays and worked weekends. He would be the last person in the office until 11pm and would go home to continue reading...he was obsessed!

You don't have to be Bill Gates but one of the keys to becoming successful is doing what you love.



All You Talk About Is Problems At Work

We all like a bit of a moan about our fellow colleagues or your current workload now and again but when those occasional gripes turn into daily rants you might want to think about whether this is the place for you.

If this spills over into your family time and you are spreading negativity and despair to your loved ones it seriously is time to consider a change as this can be a slippery downward slope to a very unhappy life.



You Are Lethargic In All Areas Of Your Life

You used to go running 3-4 times a week and even make it down to the gym for a weights session.

Now you can barely get off the sofa without a pain in your lower back as you stumble to the fridge for another soda.

Higher stress levels at work stimulates the production of the hormone cortisol in the body which in turn makes the body store fat (adipose tissue).

If you have become less active as a consequence of this stress-induced cycle it can be a sign that you need a change.



You Can't Focus

The ability to focus on any given task can say a lot about you and your feelings towards it.

The obvious one is if you are bored with the subject matter you won't focus and will be distracted easily.

The other is that you have no end goal or ambition because you don't see yourself doing this in ten or twenty years. If this is happening to you a career change is due as once you find something that you can see yourself doing for a long time - focus comes easy.



It's Down To You

The bottom line here is that it is down to you.

Plenty of people have had rewarding and fulfilled lives whilst working jobs they dislike...they just make sure they make the most of their free time.

When you work at something you love you will have very little free time in the start as you learn the ropes.

What will happen is that you will learn quicker and achieve the things you want to in life because you took action sooner rather than later.


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