13 Hacks To To Improve Your Focus And Boost Your Motivation


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  • 13 Hacks To To Improve Your Focus And Boost Your Motivation
  • There Are A Number Of Easy Tricks To Up Your Work Game - Let's Take A Look

Improving Your Motivation Can Be Easy - You Just Need To Know How

These are stressful times for a lot of people and as such it is easy to become demotivated and overwhelmed.

But don't despair because these things can be fixed with a few simple tricks.

These tips are a surefire way to supercharge your focus, increase your motivation and boost drive for yourself and those around you.

Make sure that they are included in your weekly schedule.



That's right - if you want to improve your focus and productivity at work you need to have more fun.

"But shouldn't you be grinding away at all times during work?", I hear you ask.

Well recent studies have suggested that a fun and vibrant workplace leads to a number of positive outcomes.


An improved workplace environment can lead to enhanced motivation, increased productivity, reduced stress, higher job satisfaction, improved task performance and many more.

Is it any wonder Google have mini golf and table tennis facilities in their offices?

Even if there is only a small group of employees, having social functions helps build collective spirit and motivation.



Lots of businesses have background music to help relax their customers. This is because a relaxed customer who is feeling good is more likely to spend than someone who is stressed out.

This is similar to the workplace environment where motivation can be on the wane if there are tight deadlines to meet.

A great tip to boost your focus is to listen to music.


Whether you are listening to it on headphones or as a soothing background noise for everyone in conference rooms and hallways, music can have a profound impact on performance.

The type of music is important too. You can't just blast out some David Guetta for everyone.

The background music can be of a chill-out nature but do be aware that instrumental music has more of an effect than lyrical.

It's time to break out the Beethoven!



For the uninitiated meditation attracts a lot skepticism but it is undoubtedly a powerful tool in your arsenal if you can harness its benefits.

It's what many succesful entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Ray Dalio and Arianna Huffinton credit to giving them the edge over their competition as their competitors lack the open mindedness to just try it.


Studies have shown that not only can meditation contribute positively to your time at work but can also improve your relationships both professionally and socially.

Setting up a 10-15 minute break in the morning and afternoon can have a profound impact on creativity and productivity so why not give it a try?



Visualization is another powerful daily practice which has the potential to transform your life.

Unfortunately, many are skeptical about its uses but for those who frequently use this technique its benefit can be astounding.

The theory behind this technique is that the brain finds it difficult to distinguish between a real memory and an imagined one.

Think about that for a minute.

The implications of that statement alone should make you want to try this.


If you can teach your mind that something you want is within your grasp, then your brain will create new neural pathways that will focus on your goals.

Whether it is a vision of yourself in the future achieving your career goals or speaking in front of thousands of people, this technique has the ability to give you instant confidence for any new situation you put yourself in.

So use it.



How can skipping breakfast help your focus and motivation at work?

One of the key benefits of intermittent fasting is not just an increase in energy but a boost in focus and clarity in your mind.

The improvement can be so significant that it is something you may only ever experience when you stop eating for certain periods of the day.


Taking a long break between eating a meal can be hard at first but the amount of benefits it provides are amazing.

And it's not just from the mental side but there are also a number of benefits physically including burning fat , lowering insulin and inflammation and increasing testosterone.

Typical eating windows are between 12-16 hours before you can eat. That is to say if you have an evening meal at 6 you next meal will be the next morning between 6-12.



In the space of just twenty years the growth in technology has been phenomenal.

And whilst this has undoubtedly brought lots of opportunities and benefits it has almost brought a number of challenges.

One being device addiction and overuse.

We all know someone who is never off their devices and when you tell them to come off their phone you will get the inevitably angry response.

If you don't know somebody like this then its probably you!


Research has shown that human behaviour has been negatively effected by being constantly “connected".

The impact this can have on you cannot be understated. It affects our human psyche, sleep, connectedness and well-being.

Feelings like FOMO (aka Fear Of Missing Out) and sleep deprivation from overexposure to blue-light are all having an impact on our daily productivity and performance.

Recognising this trend there are now apps (ironically) that limit your screen time so that you can recharge. Your performance will benefit if you limit technology not overuse it.



We all know that exercise is good for us and that we should always try to keep active but do you know just how good it is for your productivity and wellbeing?

In a study carried out at Briston University they followed 200 participants during a typical working week and compared their performance during the days when they worked out and when they didn't.

The difference was remarkable.


Participant scores on days when they did exercise were a staggering 21% higher for concentration, 22% higher for finishing work on time, 25% more for working without unscheduled breaks and an amazing 41% higher for feeling motivated to work.


This proves that in order to keep motivated you need to be exercising daily!


8Power Nap

Does sleeping at work improve your productivity?

It's counterintuitive but its correct. Getting a good nap in during the day can have a profound impact on your productivity and performance levels at work.

But don't do it for too long.


According to studies carried out by the National Sleep Foundation a nap between the hours of 1-3pm for around 20 minutes not only boosts your alertness but can also enhance your overall performance and reduce mistakes and accidents.

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest engineers to have ever lived and he swore by the power nap.

In fact he never had a full nights sleep and instead opted for regular naps.


9Cold Shower

Just thinking about a cold shower is enough for many to turn the heating up.

But don't neglect the long term benefits this 'treatment' can have even if there is short term pain.

Cold therapy can boost your immune system's response to colds and flu meaning that you will have more time to focus on your goals rather than worrying about getting sick.


A study that took place in the Netherlands proved that hot-to-cold shower therapy resulted in a significant reduction of sickness from work.

Try it for yourself and how much more energised you become.


10Energizing Food

Food plays a such huge role in our health and day to day lives, it is easy to forget just how important it truly is.

With the right food you can change an unproductive day to a prolific one where you get lots done..


Studies carried out by Harvard Health research found that when people included healthy foods in their diet it helped the physical performance of their heart, blood vessels and brain.

These foods included green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, berries and even tea and coffee.

They concluded that it was because these natural ingredients were not high in sugar that they saw an increase in performance.

Simple sugars slow down our cognitive functions.



Whilst a balanced and varied diet will provide you most of the nutrients and vitamins that your body requires to perform at its best, supplementing has the ability to satisfy ALL the requirements.

The effects of supplements should not be underestimated as they have the potential to decrease depression and anxiety whilst also boosting you drive and productivity.


If you have brain-fog and are lacking the mental clarity you need to perform at your highest level then you may just be a supplement away from curing your problem.

Vitamin and mineral decencies are a major cause of health issues and can be corrected very quickly and simply with the right supplements.


12Recharging Sleep

Sleeping gives your body a chance to set everything straight again.

A goodnights sleep allows your body to recover and prepares you for your day matter what it entails.

In 2017 the Handler Report estimated that insomnia costs businesses approximately $3,500 per year per employee.

This figure was calculated in terms of health care costs and lost productivity.


The point is clear, every time you are not well rested it is costing you money and compromising your goals.

Sleep, therefore, must be one of your top priorities. Check out our tips here to improve your sleep as recommend by the CEO of eightsleep.

The key to getting a good nights sleep is relaxing your muscles before bed and there are number of ways to do that.

Check out this guide to see how.



When you have tight deadlines to meet and clients to satisfy it's hard to fit in time to learn new skills but learning is paramount if you want to boost your productivity.

Not only do you learn new skills that you can put into practice instantly but it stimulates your mind in ways that your day to day work will never do.

This stimulation is key to becoming more productive.


Continually learning, assessing your own performance at work and looking at others who you want to emulate are key factors to becoming more efficient.

Put this into practice for the rest of your working life and you will be amazed how much your skills will improve and compound over time.

You will become unstoppable.


Are You Ready To Become Unstoppable?

There you have it, 13 amazing hacks that will put you on the path to becoming super motivated and boosting your drive.

Some of these tips can be put in your routine today whilst others you will need to implement over time but rest assured they will all have a profound impact on your life if you commit to them.

Which is your favourite tip? Do you have any others yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.


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