20 Ways To Save Time And Money While Cleaning Your Home


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  • 20 Ways To Save Time And Money While Cleaning Your Home
  • Cleaning Tips And Tricks That Are Absolute Genius And You Can Start Doing Today

Cleaning Hacks Are The Best

Cleaning hacks are the best!

Cleaning, especially if you have kids or pets, is a relentless task and we’re always seeking ways in which to get the job done more efficiently.

In this article, we’re going to give you 20 ways to save time and money while cleaning your home.

Many of these hacks will use things you’ll probably already have around your home so you won’t need to head out to buy cleaning supplies before you can begin.

Read on for our hacks and ideas!


1Dry Laundry Faster

What you’ll need: a towel (dry!)

What it does: The towel will absorb the moisture

If you’re in a desperate hurry to dry a particular garment, there’s a way you can get it to dry more quickly in your dryer.


You can speed things up by putting a dry towel in with your wet laundry.

This will soak up excess moisture and speed up the drying process for your other items.


2Clean Mirrors And Windows Easily And Cheaply

What you’ll need: Black tea

What it does: Cleans windows and mirrors

It’s always tricky to get your mirrors and windows clean well. They often end up smudged and dirty despite your best efforts.

It’s always one of the jobs that is the most annoying and challenging, and you often need to re-do it several times before you get it just right.

Well, we’ve come up with the perfect solution: Black tea.


After soaking two or three tea bags for around an hour, put the black tea into a spray bottle and spray onto your mirrors and windows.

After spraying, use a towel to remove the tea from your mirror or window and they’ll look like new!


3Clean Your Cast Iron Cookware With Salt

What you’ll need: Salt, vegetable oil, a raw potato

What it does: Cleans the pan without damage

Cast iron pans are great for cooking, but they’re notoriously challenging to clean – especially if you don’t know how to look after them.

There’s a fine line between scrubbing them and scratching them. Looked after well, they can last a lifetime. What you must never do is clean them with water!


Our hack for a great clean is to pour a little vegetable oil onto the pan, then cover the oil with salt –salt is best.

Next, cut a raw potato down the middle. Use half of the potato (where the flesh is exposed) as a scrubbing brush.

This is an excellent way of cleaning your cast iron pan that won’t cause any damage!


4Clean Horizontal Blinds With A Pair Of Socks

What you’ll need: A pair of socks

What it does: Cleans the blinds

While you can get all sorts of fancy blind-cleaning gadgets out there, we’ve found nothing better than a simple sock.

Mix a bowl of vinegar and water in equal measures and lightly dip your sock into the bowl.


With your hand in the sock, wipe the blinds individually. With the other (dry) sock from the pair, go over each blind to dry them – and they’ll look sparkling!


5Clean Away Mattress Stains

What you’ll need: Dish soap (liquid), hydrogen peroxide, Baking soda

What it does: Deep cleans off stains

If you haven’t used a mattress protector and your mattress has gained some unsightly stains, you can get rid of them.

This mattress cleaning recipe will solve the problem.


Mix up the liquid dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda into a spray bottle.

Spray this onto your mattress wherever there are stains. For bad stains, leave the solution to soak a few moments.

After this, take a towel and rub the stains. You could also vacuum your mattress beforehand to get rid of any accumulated dust.

Don’t forget to invest in a good protector now you’ve got your mattress looking like new!


6Clean Your Dishwasher Without Expensive Cleaners

What you’ll need: Vinegar and Baking soda

What it does: Cleans the dishwasher

Even though your dishwasher is used to clean crockery, it still needs to be cleaned too.

After all, you wouldn’t not clean your shower, would you?

Cleaning your dishwasher is a good way of preventing dirt build-up and odors.


For this cleaning hack, you need to put white vinegar in a cup on your dishwasher’s upper rack.

Then add some baking soda to the bottom of your dishwasher. Next, start your machine through a basic wash cycle.

When the baking soda and vinegar combine, they react and create a fizzy, expanding solution that is great for cleaning.

Remember those volcano experiments from school? That’s what will happen inside your machine – just don’t be tempted to take a look!


7Hassle-free Blender Cleaning

What you’ll need: Dish soap

What it does: Washes the blender

Sometimes we avoid using our blenders because of the sheer inconvenience of cleaning all of the parts afterward.

However, with this simple hack, you’ll be more inclined to make those smoothies and soups again.


Simply put a little warm water and dish soap into your blender and run it for a minute or two.

After a quick rinse, it’ll be ready to dry and store away.


8Seam Rip Your Vacuum Cleaner

What you’ll need: Seam ripper

What it does: Pulls hair out of vacuum roller brush

If you’ve got long hair or a loved one has, you’ll hate how it gets tangled up in your vacuum roller brush.


A great hack to deal with this is to get a seam ripper from your sewing kit and use it to cut the hair along the roller!


9Clean Up Red Wine Spills

What you’ll need: White wine

What it does: Removes stains

Spilling your wine is a double tragedy: wasting your wine and staining a carpet or sofa.

But, did you know that white wine is a great cleaning product for red wine stains?


If you haven’t got any white wine to hand or don’t fancy opening a bottle just to clean, vodka also works well!


10Coffee Filter Computer Cleaning

What you’ll need: Coffee filters

What it does: Attracts dust from the screen

You’re probably already aware of how much of a dust magnet your computer and TV screens are.

But, if you happen to have a spare coffee filter around the house, these make excellent screen cleaners.


Simply, sweep the coffee filter (dry and clean) over your screen.

You should notice how much dust the filter attracts – you can thank the lint-free nature of coffee filters for this.


11Clean Fans With Pillowcases

What you’ll need: Pillowcase and a ladder

What it does: Pillowcase catches the dust

Ceiling fans are notoriously challenging to clean, and it’s a job we often put off and put off.

This cleaning hack is amazing! All you’ll need is a sturdy ladder and a pillowcase.


It’s best to get someone to steady the step ladder for safety reasons. With the ladder secured, place the pillowcase on each blade and rub it on the top.

Since you’ve encapsulated the blade, any dust removed will just land into it and not on the floor or furniture.

Just remember to turn the pillowcase inside out when it comes to washing it!


12Get Rid Of Showerhead Build-up

What you’ll need: Vinegar and a plastic bag

What it does: Vinegar dissolves the mineral build up

It’s pretty common to get showerhead build-up, especially if you live where there is hard water.

Now, we know from cleaning kettles that vinegar is great for dissolving build-up. But how do you get it to stick around your showerhead?


That’s where a plastic bag comes in!

Simply, fill up the bag halfway with the vinegar then tie it around the showerhead, making sure that the head is soaking in the vinegar.

After an hour or two, the showerhead will be like new!


13Remove Sticky Residue With Mayonnaise

What you'll need : Mayonnaise

What it does: Removes sticky adhesive

Getting stickers and sticky residue off glass is really annoying.

A great hack to get the job done in next to no time is using mayo!


Cover the surface with the mayo and leave for 15 to 20 minutes.

This works because mayonnaise is oily. After waiting a short while, use a dry cloth to wipe it clean.


14Cleaning Your Barbecue With An Onion

What you’ll need: An onion cut in half

What it does: Disinfect and clean the grill

Barbecues are great, but what isn’t so great is having to clean the grill afterward.

We have a quick and budget cleaning hack to make the task a breeze.


All you need to do is cut an onion in half, peel the skin off and skewer it facedown.

Make sure you do this when the grill is still hot. With your onion skewer, rub the grill.

The onion disinfects the grill as well as cleaning it.


15Clean Stained Tupperware

What you’ll need: Dishwashing liquid, sugar, water, and ice

What it does: Removes stubborns stains from Tupperware

Any food with a red tinge will add a stubborn stain to your plastic Tupperware.

Whether it’s tomato sauce, bolognaise or a turmeric-based dish, you can run our tubs through the dishwasher and they’ll still come out stained.


One way of getting rid of the stain is to pour sugar, dishwashing soap, water and ice into the container.

After soaking for a few minutes, you’ll be in awe at how clean your Tupperware now looks.


16Deep Clean Carpets With A Squeegee

What you’ll need: A bucket and a squeegee

What it does: Cleans carpets better than a vacuum

Most people reach for the vacuum cleaner for their carpets, but this cheap hack will make you wish you’d heard of it sooner.


This method went viral online and lots of forums have confirmed its effectiveness.

Using a squeegee is more time-consuming than using a vacuum cleaner, but the finish is so much better.


17Freshen Your Shoes

What you’ll need: Cotton balls and rubbing alcohol

What it does: Keeps shoes clean and odorless

Rubbing alcohol is great for maintaining the appearance of your shoes, and it also gets rid of odors.


To use this hack, put rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle and spray inside your shoes.

You can also use it on the outside of your white sneakers to help them stay white and looking like new.


18Clean Your Shower With A Dishwasher Tablet

What you’ll need: A dishwasher tablet

What it does: Removes grime

One of the hardest parts about cleaning your bathroom is the pesky shower screen.

It's not just unpleasant to look at but is actually really unhygienic as mould can manifest quickly if you don't keep on top of things.


When we clean our glassware, we use dish soap – so why not dissolve a dishwasher tablet in warm water and use it to clean your shower screen?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.


19Clean Stainless Steel With Wax Paper

What you’ll need: Wax paper

What it does: Polish and clean stainless steel

Despite being called “stainless steel”, it’s actually not easy to keep the stains from appearing.

Water marks accumulate all the time making your faucet look unkept and dirty. Not what you want to do when you have guests round.


One great way of keeping your stainless-steel elements shiny and dirt-free is to use wax paper after rinsing with water.

This makes the stainless steel all shiny and polished.


20Vinegar In The Microwave To Loosen Dirt

What you’ll need: A bowl and some white vinegar

What it does: Loosens microwave dirt

It doesn’t take a lot for a microwave to start looking grimy inside.

And due to the nature of this machine, it can be notoriously difficult to get rid of all of the dirt.


Don’t spend hours scrubbing with a scourer, instead place a bowl in the middle of the microwave and introduce half vinegar and half water to it.

Turn on the microwave for three minutes and then use a cloth to wipe away the loosened dirt.

TIP: Add a lemon to the water and vinegar so your microwave smells lovely and fresh after its been in.


Final Thoughts On These Cleaning Hacks

You can save both time and money using these cleaning hacks with items that you’ve probably already got in your cupboard at home.

Whether it’s a pillowcase, sock, some baking soda, or some white vinegar, these hacks save you much more money than buying an expensive bottle of cleaning solution!


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