Genius Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Garden Which Save You Time And Money


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  • Genius Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Garden Which Save You Time And Money
  • These Tips And Tricks Will Transform Your Garden Without The Need To Buy Expensive Equipment

Having A Beautiful Garden Is Invaluable

Is there anything more beautiful than a blooming, colourful garden?

Not only are they easy on the eye but they have been shown to reduce stress, improve your mood and relax you.

With all these amazing benefits its no wonder that it is such a popular pastime.

But this hobby can get pricey. The cost of equipment can stack up very quickly over time.

But it doesn't have to be like this. Check out these hacks which uses household items as quick and easy replacements for all the hundreds of items at Home Depot.


1Mix Annuals And Perennials In Your Garden

Materials: Perennials, Annuals

Cost: $10-$20 per plant

When planning your garden and thinking about what plants to use your primary focus will be on the plant's color and shape.

But if you want to see color in your garden all year round this tip will serve you well.


Mixing annuals and perennials is something that you should actively plan if you want to enjoy your garden at all times.

From marigolds to calendulas they all go well with perennials like daylily and coreopsis.


2Wine Bottle To Water The Plants

Materials: Wine bottle

Cost: $5

It's something that you don't need to remember in those cold, wet Winter months but in the Summer it's so important to keep watering your plants.

But it's easy to forget or you might not have time to do it everyday when the plants need it.


To solve this problem all you need is a few empty wine bottles. If you have some around the house this hack will cost you nothing.

Simply fill the bottle up with water and stick it in the pot upside down.

The water will seep out over time keeping the soil nice and moist.


3Old Spoon Signs

Materials: Metal spoons, paint, hammer

Cost: $5

Over time when your level of knowledge about gardening improves it becomes second nature to know the names of the plants.

But if your a novice you might need some help at the beginning and that's where these spoons come in handy.


Get some old spoons and write down the name of the herb or plant that you have just planted and stick the spoon next to them.

Don't just have plain old spoons sticking out of your garden. Have some fun with it.

Paint them, bend them into shape and get creative with it.


4Glow In The Dark Planters

Materials: Planters, glow-in-the-dark paint

Cost: $10

Adding lighting to your garden can transform it especially in those warm summer evenings.

But garden lights are big business and things can get expensive quickly.


With a bit of ingenuity you can acquire the evening lighting effect with a few coats of paint.

All you require is some glow in the dark paint from Amazon and give those planters a once over.

When the evening comes you will be amazed.


5Spread Epsom Salt On Your Plants

Materials: Epsom salt, spray bottle, water

Cost: $10 (Pennington, 7 lb. bag)

Epsom salt is commonly used for home remedies to help with body aches and as an anti-inflammatory.

However, this versatile ingredient can also be used to help in the garden.


The magnesium in the Epsom salt helps with the germination process, improves nutrient absorption and chlorophyll production.

Get a bag of Pennington Epsom Salt and put two teaspoons in a gallon of water. Spray it on your roses or vegetables and watch them prosper.


6Citrus Rind Seed Container

Materials: Citrus rinds, soil, seeds, water

Cost: $10

Don't throw those orange peels away!

The citrus rinds of lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines you name it actually make amazing seed starters.


Hollow out a rind like in the image above and fill it with potting soil.

Add your seeds and some water and watch them grow. Over time you may need to separate them out to one per rind before putting them in the garden.

You can dispose of the biodegradable rinds in to the compost so they still nourish the plants.


7Adding Cinnamon To Your Plants To Prevent Disease

Materials: Cinnamon powder

Cost: $9

Cinnamon is strong stuff.

It has a beautiful aroma that can transform recipes but chefs only ever use small amounts because how powerful it is.

Cinnamon has strong anti fungal properties and can be used to help prevent all plants from developing life threatening issues.


It is especially effective with young and old plants which are most likely to suffer from fungal infections.

Sprinkle some cinnamon on the soil of new and old plants and it will prevent most fungal infections which would usually rot them away.


8Baking Soda On Sweet Tomatoes

Materials: Baking soda

Cost: $1

Having a vegetable garden is not only a rewarding and pleasurable endeavour but it also ensures a more sustainable environment.

But it is not easy!


It can be a lottery as to whether some crops come good and whether they are even edible.

There are some tricks of the trade that can help if you growing tomatoes.

Add some Kroger's backing soda to the soil of the tomatoes will make them bigger, juicier and sweeter.


9The Purse Planter

Materials: An old purse, waterproof lining, plants

Cost: $15-$25

Whilst they are beautiful a lot of garden ornaments you see at the retailer look similar.

They also aren't cheap.

Have you favourite plants stand out with this low cost hack by putting you favour perennials in an old purse.


Line the purse with a water proof lining and place the garden soil inside with your favourite plant.

This fancy planter will be the stand out item in your garden for its uniqueness.

Add some varnish to give the planter some strength during harsh weather.


10Old Aluminium Cans For Drainage

Materials: Old cans

Cost: $0

You don't have to throw away those old empty cola cans anymore with this gardening hack.

Once you have enough they actually prove to be an effective tool which can help with drainage of your plants.


Having effective drainage reduces soil and nutrient loss and can help avoid soil erosion.

Make sure your plants have the best chance of surviving by putting some empty cans at the bottom of a planter before filling it up with soil.


11Eggshell Seed Starter

Materials: Eggshells, compost, seeds

Cost: $1.50

Getting seeds to germinate can be tricky business. You need to nurture them and make sure they have the right conditions to grow.

Typical seed starter trays work but they can cost $10 each. It may not seem like much but why do it when the best seed starter tray will cost you a lot less.


Eggshells are ideal as seed starters as they provide a warm, protective environment for those young seeds. If eggshells are good enough to be used as the perfect environment for animals they will work for your seeds.

Simply place soil in an eggshell and plant the seeds within. You can even use the egg box as a stand.


12Potato Rose Bushes

Materials: Potatoes, rose bush clippings

Cost: $3

Rose bushes make great centre pieces to any garden.

They are known for their beauty but they also demonstrate superior gardening skills as they are notoriously difficult to grow.


In order to ensure that these rose bushes grow correctly you should stick the cuttings in a potato.

Weird right? But it works.

Once you put the cutting in the potato put it in the ground. Not only does the potato hold the cutting in place but it gives the bush the sturdy foundation it needs to grow.


13Muffin Tray Plant Spacer

Materials: Muffin Tray

Cost: $4

When it comes to spreading seeds in your garden there is no correct way.

Some people like to scatter the seeds freehand whilst others want a more structured approach to organising their flower beds.

But perfectly spacing out plants can be a bit tiresome and not to mention time consuming.


By using an old muffin tray you can save yourself a lot of time and effort here.

Use the tray to put imprints in the soil for where you want to place your seeds.

This low cost hack is an easy way to create symmetry in your garden.


14Self Watering Shoe Planter

Materials: An old shoe, compost, plant, waterproof liner

Cost: $10

This innovative garden hack makes use of those old shoes that you would have thrown away.

Whilst the charity shop is still a good option you can still get some use out of them in your garden by turning them into a feature.


By lining an old boot with some waterproof liner, filling it with compost and placing a plant inside you actually have created a low cost, head turning, conversation starting, garden feature.

It may look a bit 'out there' but if you get creative with it they can brighten up any garden.

TIP: Place the laces from the shoe in a bowl of water next to your garden feature and you will have a self-watering ornament!


15Vinegar Weed Killer

Materials: White Vinegar

Cost: $3.40

When it comes to maintaining your garden, getting rid of those pesky weeds is one of the top priorities.

But weeds are stubborn and can grow in most places and you need to get rid of them effectively to stop them rearing their ugly heads again.


Whilst they are some potent weed killers out there they can get expensive.

Instead, get a 1.32 gallon bottle of Heinz White Vinegar from Costco and pour it directly on to the weeds.

The bottle is half the cost of a typical weed killer and does just the same job.

TIP: Mix the vinegar with some gin to really add some potency and finish those weeds off.


16Ice Cream Cone Seed Starter

Materials: Ice cream cones, soil, seeds

Cost: $5

Another garden hack for getting those seeds to grow. But this one has a little twist!

Similar to other seed starters ice cream cones offer a good protective environment for seeds to germinate.


Fill up the cones (which can be bought for as little as $1) with soil, put in your seeds and then you can place this seed starter straight into the ground.

As the cone is biodegradable, over time it will disappear leaving meaning you won't have to replant those seeds.


17Succulent Water Bottle Propagator

Materials: Old plastic water bottle, water, succulent clippings

Cost: $1

Succulents are regarded as one of the plants that are the easiest to look after. But they are often kept in the house as if they are over watered it can lead to a number of problems including their eventual demise.


In order to bring them back to life, get an old plastic bottle and put some water in it.

Cut in some slits on the side and clip some living leaves from the succulent and place them in the holes.

That's all you need to get them germinating again!


18Colander Hanging Basket

Materials: Colander, liner, chains, compost, plants

Cost: $10

This is a perfect garden hack for those who have an old colander (or need an excuse to get a new one!).

Using a colander as a hanging basket isn't just a low cost garden tip but they can really look good if you put the effort in.


They are simple to make.

Just add some chains to the colander handles, put in some soil and add your plants.

Make sure these eye catching ornaments are in plain view as they will become a talking point of your garden.


19Diapers For Moisture

Materials: Diapers

Cost: $7

This is an unusual tip but an effective one!

We all know that getting the perfect level of moisture for some of those sensitive plants is essential.

Some plants prosper with good drainage whilst others require their soil to be moist at all times.


Baby diapers were designed to retain as much moisture as possible.

By adding some diapers to the bottom of a planter or hanging basket, the soil will retain a lot more moisture helping the thirsty plant to grow.


20Beer Slug Eradicator

Materials: Beer, cup, or plate

Cost: $2

Keeping an eye on those garden pests could be a full time occupation.

Arguably, one of the hardest to keep out of your prize vegetable patch is the common garden slug.


These molluscs will devour your plants if left unattended.

Once of the best ways to keep them out is to fill a saucer with beer and leave it on top of the soil.

The slugs become attracted to it and eventually fall into the saucer.

It's not a nice ending for them but it will keep your greens looking their best.


21Upturned Fork Pest Deterrent

Materials: Plastic forks

Cost: $1

When it comes to defending your garden from unwanted visitors such as squirrels and other animals sometimes you have to show little mercy.

Although this might be a bit of a drastic measure if you are desperate to keep those pests out some plastic forks will make a handy defence.


Although it doesn't look too appealing, it is the garden pest equivalent of barbed wire.

Simply turn those forks upturned into the soil with the spokes sticking out.

The intruders won't be hurt but it will give them a 'slap on the wrists'.


22Old Tire Planters

Materials: Old tires, compost, plants, paint

Cost: $10-$20

Another creative garden hack that can really add some color to your garden is by using old tires as planters.

Even if you don't have any old tires, you can pick them up from scrap yards (sometimes for free).


Bring your garden to life by painting your tire a vibrant pink or yellow.

Line the insides of the tire and then add some compost and hey presto you have yourself a tire planter that are now ready for the plants.

You can arrange a number of them together and they look great!


23Tin Can Lanterns

Materials: Drill, old tin cans, tea light candles, paint

Cost: $5-$10

Tins cans are really handy for a number of household purposes including when it comes to your garden.

They can be painted and made into planters or you can be a bit more adventurous and make lanterns.


Simply get a drill and start to make some holes in them.

It can be random or follow a shape or pattern (they look good no matter what).

Place a tea light candle inside and place them in the garden for a warm, ambient atmosphere.


Start Improving Your Garden Now With These Hacks

We hope these simple but effective gardening tips have given you some ideas on how to improve your garden.

Getting the most out of your garden doesn't always have to cost a lot of money.

As we have show these simple yet innovative ideas you can save a lot of time and money if you get creative.


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