17 Foods That Won't Make You Fat


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  • 17 Foods That Won't Make You Fat
  • You Can Eat Almost As Much As You Want Of These Tasty Foods

It's Easy To Gain Fat When You Eat Anything

Being in good shape can give you so many benefits!

Not only does it give you more energy but it can also make you a lot more productive.

But it's so easy to gain fat when your diet consists of foods that are greasy, high in sugar or high in calories.

Conversely it's hard to not lose fat when you eat foods that make you feel satiated and full, that are high in protein or low in calories.

The foods that we are about to go through will naturally reduce you hunger and help you burn more fat from your body.

So let's start!



Of course if you eat 'too much' of anything you are going to gain weight but with foods like eggs it's so hard to eat too much because they are so filling.

Not only do eggs make you feel satiated but they are stuffed full of natural protein.

This fantastic source of natural protein will help build muscle in your body.


The protein from eggs will also ramp up your metabolism due to what's called the 'thermic effect' that you get from certain foods.

This occurs when your body uses a large proportion of any calories consumed are burned off because of the energy requirements involved in the digestion process.


2Wild Caught Salmon

Make sure it's wild caught salmon and not just farm raised salmon.

This is because farm raised salmon contains significantly more fat that wild caught.

In addition to this, farm raised salmon has a higher ratio of omega 6 fatty-acids which most people consume enough of in their typical diet.


When you look at the difference between farm raised salmon and wild caught salmon you will immediately notice the thicker and wider white lines of fat on the farm raised.

Wild caught salmon is not only tasty but is also very filling, high in protein and significantly less fat than its farm raised counterparts.



Next on the list is celery.

Celery is one of the lowest calorie foods in the world, mainly because 95% of it is water.

This means that it would be very difficult to eat enough celery that would have any impact on your calorie goals.


Celery itself is very filling and is packed with nutrients like potassium, calcium and many antioxidants making it a fantastic vegetable to include in your low fat diet.

You can eat celery with low calorie dips like a salsa.



Enjoying your food should be one of the main priorities when it comes to your diet.

If you don't enjoy what you are eating, chances are you are not going to last long and will revert back to your old ways.

Salsa is one of those things that can turn any boring, tasteless meal into a tasty, fresh alternative.


Dips are notoriously calorific but salsa is one of the lowest calorie dips available.

And not only are they low in calories but when you combine them with a filling vegetable like celery or peppers you will still be enjoying your snack whilst becoming more satiated and without taking on too many calories.


5Hot Sauce

The only dip/sauce better than salsa for maintaining a low fat diet is hot sauce.

Hot sauce basically has very little calories and similarly to salsa it has the ability to transform a meal.

Hot sauce goes well with a lot of high protein foods like chicken, fish and even eggs.


But it doesn't even have to be high protein foods, hot sauce can go well with celery too.

Because of the amount of chilis in hot sauce it contains an active ingredient called capsaicin which helps speed up your metabolism meaning you burn more calories even faster.



Spinach is one of the lowest calorie vegetables. In fact, one cup of spinach contains just 7 calories.

A lot of those calories come from insoluble fibre which will fill you up in no time.

Spinach also provides a number of important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin A.


A great tip for those who eat salads is to replace the lettuce in the salad with spinach, as the lettuce really does not offer anything close to the nutrient benefit that spinach does.

Spinach also goes well in healthy smoothies where you can combine spinach with fruit to give great tasting green smoothies.



Soup is another food that will likely help with your weight loss goals.

The reason for this is because soup is very filling due to the fact that it is 90% water.

Now when it comes to soups there are a number of varieties all with their wildly different calorie counts.


However, so long as your soup is made from healthy vegetables combined with a lean protein source such as chicken then your daily calorie intake is more likely to be reduced as these types of soup are very filling.

Health Tip: Eat a small bowl of soup before your main meal. Because the soup is so filling you will tend to eat less of your main meal.


8Bell Pepper

Not only are they tasty and healthy to eat but bell peppers are also a versatile ingredient.

They can be used to make delicious tasting stir fries or even hollowed out and stuffed with lean meats like lean ground beef or ground turkey.


These stuffed peppers can then be oven baked to provide an amazing low calorie, high protein and very filling meal.



When you are on a diet the temptation to snack is always there.

If you are going to snack it's probably best to do it with something that won't harm your long term weight loss goals.

Popcorn is one of those snacks that is relatively high in fibre which means it will make you feel more full quicker.


Not only will you feel more full but popcorn is actually really low in calories.

In fact one cup of plain salted popcorn contains just 25 calories.

Make sure that it is the salted version though as buttered popcorn adds significantly more calories as you can imagine!


10Zucchini / Courgettes

Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable that it can be a great alternative for higher calorie foods.

It is ideal for replacing your favourite pasta dishes and all you need is a simple spiralizer to recreate the same texture.

With this simple tip of creating your pasta out of Zucchini you can save anywhere between 70% and 80% of the calories you would consume from regular wheat based pastas.


Whilst you may think that zucchini is no replacement for pasta, take a look at some pesto zucchini pasta recipes and you will be blown away just how good they taste, how filling they are and how many calories you will save.

Zucchini can also be used in a healthy stir-fry or even cubed up and used in soups.

It's so versatile that there is little excuse why zucchini should be used in your diet.



Another great alternative for high carbohydrate foods like potatoes and rice is cauliflower.

It's hard to gain weight when eating cauliflower as it contains a lot of fibre which means it is going to be hard to consume large quantities of it.

Instead of eating high calorie substitues like rice instead cut the cauliflower into small pirces and cook it in a frying pan.


Alternatively boil the cauliflower and then mash it just like you would for mash potato.

Even if you add a little bit of butter to the mashed cauliflower the amount of calories you would save is still significant.

There really is no end to using cauliflower as a substitute for high carb foods - if you get creative.

Pizzas are notorious for being high calorie foods but if you look for recipes that use cauliflower for the dough you can save tonnes of calories.



Kale is packed full of healthy nutrients and fibre meaning not only is it good for you but it will also fill you up and make you feel satiated for longer.

The versatile leafy green can be used in green smoothies with fruit or even as a replacement for lettuce in salads.


If you want a tasty, crunchy snack bake some kale leaves for a few minutes after seasoning them with salt and pepper and a dash of olive oil.

A cup of kale only contains about 33 calories so its going to pretty hard to overeat this nutritious leaf cabbage.



Watermelon is a great tool to use for those with weight loss goals looking to cut calories.

The primary reason watermelons are great for weight loss diets is that it has high water content.

Generally speaking any foods that are high in water content are usually not only low in calories but also very filling meaning it's difficult to eat enough to put on weight.


100g of watermelon only contains around 30 calories and 1 cup of watermelon contains about 47 calories.

Not only is watermelon tasty, filling and low in calories but it also contains something called L-Arginine.

L-Arginine is an important amino acid that helps the body synthesise proteins.



Another vegetable that is made predominantly of water is the cucumber.

When it comes to weight loss you could eat as many cucumbers as you want without gaining any body fat, although its not recommended.

Cucumbers also provide fibre and vitamin A which we need for good vision and for a strong immune system.


Cucumbers act as a good low calorie filler for your meal, meaning that you will consume less of your main meal whilst still having the satisfaction of a full stomach.

Great Tip: Add a pinch of salt to the cucumbers and you will feel full after eating just a few of them.



Pickles are basically cucumbers that have been fermented in brine.

Make sure you get the pickles with no added sugar as they are the ones that will have zero calories.

And don't throw away the pickle juice as that can also provide some benefits as it reduces your appetite by stabilizing your blood sugar levels.


Because they have been stored in brine (salt water) pickles are relatively high in salt so don't over eat them for this reason.

However, given that they have a low amount of calories and are very filling you won't be able to gain body fat whilst consuming this vegetable.


16Chicken Breast

Another high protein food that you should include in your diet without the fear of adding lots of body fat is chicken breast.

Chicken breast is one of the leanest protein sources that you can get.

Even though it contains more calories than most of the vegetables in this list, most of the calories are coming from protein.


As previously mentioned because of what is coined the 'thermic effect' when you consume protein your body uses more energy to digest it.

This itself means that you naturally burn more calories just by consuming protein.

Protein is also essential for building muscle and aiding recovery from your workouts meaning chicken breast should be a staple in your diet.



Including seasonings in your diet for your weight loss goals can really be the difference as to whether you stick to it over the long term.

No matter how hard you try eating healthily can sometimes get boring and bland.

With just a sprinkle of the right seasonings you can transform a tasteless meal into a delicious one.


The great thing about adding seasonings to your food isn't just a better taste but they are also low in calories.

Seasonings like oregano, garlic, onion powder, paprika add so much flavour whilst having very little calories meaning you won't gain fat by adding them to your diet.

Health Tip: Beware there are some ready made seasonings that contain sugar. These are ones to avoid as they do contain a lot of calories. If you can stick to natural herbs and spices as much possible.



Asparagus is another low calorie vegetable that tastes delicious.

A cup of asparagus only contains 27 calories and goes well with seasonings like olive oil, garlic and paprika for a tasty side dish.


Asparagus is also high in fibre and rich in vitamins A, K and Zinc.

For those who workout frequently you lose a lot of these minerals and asparagus is a healthy, natural source to replenish any lost nutrients.


The Bottom Line

So there you have it a list of low fat, low calorie foods that make it very difficult to gain fat from.

Start including them in your diet today to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Popcorn is probably the only one of the list where you need to be careful that you don't consume too much.

The remaining foods are so low in calories that you will get full eating them long before the calories start to impact your body fat levels.


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