21 Amazing WD-40 Tricks That Will Save You Time And Money


  • 21 Amazing WD-40 Tricks That Will Save You Time And Money
  • Everyone Knows WD-40 Is Useful But Do You Know Just How Many Things It Can Do?

What Is WD-40?

To many people, a can of WD-40 in the garage is essential. Yet, lots of people don’t know just how versatile this product is.

As well as being a great lubricant, WD-40 can be used for lots of different tasks around the home – and some of them are quite surprising.

Before going into these various uses of WD-40, let’s look into this amazing substance.

The product WD-40 is an American trademark and brand for a spray that displaces water – hence the WD in its title (water displacement).

It was created initially in the 1950s for the Rocket Chemical Company and became a commercial product the following decade.

According to historians, WD-40 has not changed its formulation since its conception and it remains a trade secret to this day, having never been patented. In fact, the original formula is located in a secure San Diego bank vault. While we don’t know the exact ingredients used in WD-40, we do know that it works well for lots of problems. So, without further ado, let’s look at 21 amazing WD-40 tricks that will save you time and money.


1Shining Silver With WD-40

If you’re lucky enough to own silverware, you’ll be familiar with the tarnish that appears over time when it’s been unused.


Polishing silver is often a time-consuming task but it can be made so much easier by using WD-40 on a polishing cloth.


2Separating Glasses That Have Become Stuck

So, you’ve polished your silverware with WD-40 and now you’re setting your table when you notice you have some stuck glasses that you can’t separate.


Instead of using brute force and risking cracking or smashing them, get out that WD-40 and spray it where the glasses are stuck.

It’s a little miracle-worker!


3Freeing Stuck Zippers

There’s no denying what a great invention the zipper is.

However, they can be annoying when they get stuck. This is more common with older, metal zippers.


Once again, WD-40 can come to the rescue.

All the zipper needs is a little spray of WD-40 and it’ll work like new again!


4Adding Shine To Your Shoes

White shoes and sneakers are in vogue at the moment, but they’re notoriously difficult to keep looking white.

The answer? WD-40!


It’s a great way of keeping your white shoes white.

Simply spray the WD-40 onto a cloth and wipe the dirt away.



5Defrosting The Car Windows

There are various ways of defrosting your car windows and some are better than others.

So, if you’ve run out of de-icer and are about to boil some water, stop and head to your garage instead.


WD-40 makes an excellent de-icer.

Simply spray it onto the frosted windows and wipe it away with a cloth!


6Oil Your Scissors

Most people know that WD-40 is a lubricant, yet many forget about it when it comes to fixing an annoying pair of scissors.


When scissors start getting stuck, you can spray on a small amount of WD-40 on the middle of the blades, and you’ll notice improvements straight away.


7Keep Your Bird Feeders For The Birds

When you think of WD-40, I bet you don’t pair it with bird feeders!

Well, if you love to feed the birds but find that pesky squirrels are stealing all of their food, there is a solution: WD-40.


Spraying this on your bird feeder will make it difficult for squirrels to stand and your birds will then have free reign over the bird feeder.

You can always leave food out for the squirrels somewhere else, but you’ll know that the birds will have a safe feeding space too.


8Take Off Your Rings

If you’re in a long engagement or marriage, you might not take your rings off for years at a time.

However, sometimes they need removing – if you’re going into hospital for an MRI or an operation for example.


Having to remove a ring after so long can be a little tricky so if it happens to be stuck, don’t panic.

With a little bit of WD-40 sprayed on, you should find you can slide it straight off your finger.


9Removing Chewing Gum Or Bubble Gum

Whether you’ve stepped on it or sat on it, gum is disgusting!

What’s more, it’s notoriously difficult to remove from shoes and clothing too.


Here’s where WD-40 can come to the rescue!

Spray it onto the affected item and voilà, it’ll come away much more easily.


10Removing Gum From Hair

If you’re unlucky enough to find some gum in your hair, you might be tempted to reach for the scissors.


However, WD-40 is great at removing gum from hair.

Make sure you don’t spray it close to your mouth or eyes, though!


11Removing Lipstick

No, we don’t mean from your lips!

Simple soap and water will do that.

But, if you happen to get lipstick anywhere on your clothing (or a man’s collar!) WD-40 can come to the rescue.


Don’t start scrubbing until you have first sprayed a little WD-40 onto the area.

You’ll notice the stain comes out much more easily.


12Removing Crayon Marks

If you’re a parent, you’ll have no doubt come across some beautiful works of art by your children.

And while these are great on paper that can be stuck to the refrigerator, it’s not so great when it’s on your walls!


Thankfully, these works of art aren’t permanent when you spray on a little WD-40.


13Removing Wood Stains

If you’re struggling to remove mug or glass stains from coffee tables or other wooden surfaces, you’re not alone.


Don’t worry though, you don’t need to get out your sanding block!

Wood stains come out great with the use of a little WD-40!


14Sort Out Your Rusty Locks

Good locks are vital for keeping your things secure but if you find that one of your locks is a little rusty, you should try to sort it before it becomes impossible to open.


What’s the solution?

Spraying some WD-40 into the lock of course!


15Sticker Removal

Whether it’s a bumper sticker, window sticker, or a sticker on clothing, if you want to remove one with ease, WD-40 is your go-to product.


Spray onto the offending sticker and you’ll be able to remove them easily.


16Showerhead Protection

It’s always one of the things that you think about when you’re in the shower but then forget about it as soon as you step out.

You might notice your shower head getting clogged, which displaces the water in all sorts of strange directions.


If this happens, you can clean the showerhead with WD-40, and you’ll have no more annoying sprays straight into your eye!


17Keeping Air Conditioning Units Clean

If you’re about to install a new air conditioning unit, you can protect it from dirt and dust by spraying it with WD-40.


This will keep your air fresher and prevent dirt and dust from getting into the unit.


18Getting Rid Of Water Stains

While water stains don’t do any harm, they can be unsightly on your mirrors or walls.

Using WD-40 will get things back to perfect in next to no time.


You’ll no longer have to polish that mirror for twenty minutes to get rid of all the marks!


19Fridge Gasket Maintenance

What’s a fridge gasket you ask?

Well, it’s that rubber sealant piece that you find between the fridge door and its frame.

Because of where it is, it often collects disgusting gunk from drips of milk or crumbs.


With a cloth and a little WD-40, you can clean it and restore it to its prior condition.

The WD-40 will also prevent it from getting so dirty next time too.


20Getting Rid Of Bugs

While killing living things is never something anyone enjoys (psychopaths aside!), sometimes it’s absolutely necessary in your living space.


Cockroaches, for example, are notoriously difficult to remove.

However, using WD-40 on these bugs is the best repellent you’ll have seen!


21Super Glue Removal

Many people often think superglue is indestructible, but this isn’t exactly true.

Yes, it’s great at what it does, but you can use WD-40 to remove it.


This is great for accidental spillages or if you have accidentally glued your fingers together!


Final Thoughts On Uses For WD-40

The uses of WD-40 around the home are plentiful and there are many more that we’ve not been able to fit into this article.

Since the majority of homes have a bottle of WD-40 hanging around, it’s great to know the variety of uses it has.

As we’ve seen in this article, WD-40 is great for removing things, preventing things, and lubricating things.

This excellent substance is full of secrets and we’re not quite sure exactly what’s in its formula. W

hat we do know is that this petroleum-based product does a fantastic job at penetrating grime and removing it, leaving behind a thin layer of oil capable of preventing dirt from settling again.

It’s a real miracle-worker!


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