21 Aluminium Foil Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money


  • 21 Aluminium Foil Hacks That Will Save You Time And Money
  • Aluminium Foil Is One Of The Most Useful And Versatile Materials But Do You Know Everything It Can Be Used For?

Is There A More Useful Material Than Aluminium Foil?

There is so much that you can do with aluminium foil that it is an essential item for every household.

Even though it's so versatile most people are unaware of aluminium foil's wide range of other uses aside from it's obvious and common use of covering baking trays.

Not only can these aluminium foil hacks save you money but they can make your life a little bit easier and help save you something more important...time!

Ready to become enlightened as to the many uses of this cooking accessory? Then read on...


1Make Your Bananas Fresh For Longer

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world given that they taste great and they are super healthy for you.

But one of the problems with bananas is that they tend to go off quickly.

A few brown spots here and there quickly turns into brown mush that no one wants to eat.


Aluminium foil solves this problem by putting a small piece around the stem.

The foil breaks the fruit's contact with the air, which is what causes it to ripen too quickly.

With no air flow getting to the banana they will last longer and retain its freshness and yummy taste.


2Use Aluminium Foil To Iron Faster And Better

When you have a huge pile of clothes to iron the last thing you want to do is go over the same area over and over again trying to make it as smooth and wrinkle-free as possible.

The main reason that these stubborn areas occur is because the heat from the iron is absorbed into the ironing board underneath. With all that heat lost you have to go over the same spot again to generate enough heat to smooth out those wrinkles.


Aluminium foil will save the day here by just putting a sheet underneath the cover of your ironing board.

What this will do is reflect the heat rather than suck it away which will result in a much more efficient use of your iron with wrinkle free clothes and a lot of time saved.


3Foil Is A Great Cleaning Implement For Your Grill

Cleaning a grill or barbecue can get messy really quickly (especially if you haven't used it for a while).

And whilst you can always get around giving the grill a thorough clean by cooking your food on a sheet of aluminium foil on top, you are just delaying the inevitable and perhaps making that big cleaning job even bigger.


This aluminium foil hack can save so much time if you remember to do it just after you have finished cooking.

The trick is lay a sheet of foil over the hot grill once you have finished cooking.

It doesn't sound like much but next time you come to use your barbecue simply crumple up the foil and dispose of it. The foil will keep the grill clean from its previous use but if there are a few lingering pieces of foodstuffs use the foil to scrape it away.


4Get Rid Of That Annoying Static From Your Dryer

This aluminium foil tip is surprising yet effective.

Whilst you may think that foil is confined to kitchen uses it can also be used when you are doing your laundry.

One of the reasons people prefer to air-dry their clothes is because of that weird static they get when using a dryer.


Aluminium foil once again provides a solution to this static problem.

Before you put your clothes into the dryer, create a few balls out of some crumpled up foil and put it in the dryer with your clothes.

****Make sure the aluminium balls are tightly packed together and smooth as possible so not to snag on your clothes.

Say goodbye to the static as your clothes will feel dry and ready to be put away.


5Foil For Your Plants

That's right, the use of aluminium foil isn't even just for cleaning purposes.

If you have a vegetable garden or are growing potted plants, aluminium foil is the secret weapon you have against unwanted visitors.

If your vegetable patch is regularly being swarmed by insects and pests then placing strips of aluminium foil around your plants may be the answer to your problems.


The foil will act as a repellent to the insects and keep them from ruining your next crop.

In addition to saving your veggies the foil will also direct more sunlight on to the plants helping it to thrive in its new environment.

This hack works so well you will be eating veggies every night with the amount you grow.


6Keep Your Iron Clean As A Whistle

It's another iron hack!

After years of use you will notice that your iron has built up a lot of dirt and rust. This wall of rust limits the amount of heat that is transferred to your clothes meaning that it will take longer to iron.

Even worse you may even start to get rust marks on your clothes.


Aluminium foil can easily solve this problem.

By creating a ball from the foil (making sure its tightly compacted) you can scrub away at all the dirt at the bottom of your iron.

There will be a few scratches but all the built up dirt will be removed resulting in a much smoother and efficient process.


7Foil For Moving Your Furniture

This aluminium foil hack is ingenious.

Whether you are getting rid of old furniture or just improving the 'Feng Shui' around the house, using aluminium foil could potentially save you a trip to the chiropractor.

When moving heavy furniture around the house the last thing you want is to put your back out or even worse, scratch your flooring!


By simply placing a small layer of aluminium foil underneath the legs of heavy furniture the foil will act as a small layer of protection whilst also allowing you to slide any bulky objects around the room quickly and effortlessly.


8Foil To Help Keep Celery Fresh

Keeping your groceries wrapped in foil isn't a new thing but with celery the impact can be a significant one.

Celery from the store is usually wrapped in a plastic bag and that's how many store it at home.

But this is a bad way to store celery as it will quickly become dry and inedible.


If you wrap the celery tightly with aluminium foil then put it in the fridge not only will the vegetable retain its moisture and taste but it will keep fresh and crispy for between 2 to 4 weeks.


9Get Rid Of Those Annoying Pests

Household pests and insects are something that you have to keep on top of all the time.

They can appear in kitchen cupboards, under hallway doors even in the back of your wardrobe.

If you don't get rid of them when you find them then they can quickly multiply and become an even bigger problem resulting in a call to the exterminator.


An effective way of dealing with these creep-crawlies is by lining your cupboards with aluminium foil.

Because these creatures love the dark, foil is a weapon that can be used against them as it reflects a huge amount of light.

These creatures don't want to go anywhere near the light and foil is the perfect tool to use in this scenario.


10The Perfect Egg Is A Foil Egg

For many people cooking fried eggs can become a messy affair. Not only does the gloopy consistency of the whites make it hard to handle but it gets even harder to consistently cook great eggs.

By creating a number of moulds out of the aluminium foil you can achieve consistent results every time without wasting eggs.


Simply create a mould by creating a flat bottom with a raised edge all around in a circular shape or whatever shape you desire - you can get inventive with this!

Place the mould on a heat source (grill/pan) and crack the egg open in the middle.

Once cooked the egg can be easily removed from the foil and served immediately.

The extra good news is that there is no washing up as the moulds can be thrown straight away.


11Collect And Dispose Of Grease Easily

Why is it that the tastiest dishes we have are also some of the greasiest? Not only do they take time to prepare but the cleanup after can be a nightmare.

What do you do with all the grease that has built up and is leftover? You can't push it down the drain as that can lead to some pretty expensive problems down the line when your pipes are all clogged up.

Aluminium foil can save you a lot of time looking for ways of getting rid of the excess grease in your kitchen.

After your dish is cooked, pour all the grease into a bowl that is lined with foil on the inside.

Leave it until the grease has cooled down and has solidified. Now you just simply create a ball with the foil over the grease and dispose of it.

Simple and effective.

12Maximise The Sunlight To Your Plants

Potted plans offer so much benefits when you keep them inside of your home.

In addition to their natural beauty and they vibrant colours they have, studies have shown that they can help lower stress and anxiety to those around them, reduce fatigue and even improve your mood.

However, in order for these plants to thrive you need to put them in a place where they get lots of sunlight which enable them to develop and grow.


This is not always an easy thing to achieve as throughout the day the sun will be shining at different angles.

By creating a sun box, with aluminium foil surrounding the inside, your plants will get a greater and longer exposure to the sunlight they require.

Simply remove the top and one side of a cardboard box and cover the inside with foil and watch your shrubs grow like never before.


13Sharpen Scissors With This Simple Trick

It's always the case, just when you need a pair of scissors to open an important package they are completely blunt and you have to hack your way through.

But with this simple yet effective hack, you can keep your trusty pair of scissors sharp enough to deal with most things.


Take a few strips of aluminium foil and cut them with your scissors as many times as you can.

After a while those first few blunt cuts start to disappear as your scissor blades become more sharp.

This quick hack can save a lot of time rather than looking for specialised tools to sharpen the scissors and complicate the process.


14Create Your Own Stylus

Since the emergence of larger tablets and smartphones we have seen the increase in the use of styluses to help navigate these chunkier computer screens.

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, always said he would never want Apple to use a stylus in any of its products.

But since his departure and subsequent death, Apple are one of the most high profile companies to use styluses in their range of tablets and smartphone products.


But just like a lot of Apple products, they are expensive and can set you back over $130.

If you end up losing a stylus or just want to create your own, aluminium foil is the key to creating your own homemade stylus.

Get a regular pen or pencil and wrap it in aluminium foil. Add a cotton swab to the top of the pen nib so the screen doesn't scratch and you have saved yourself a lot of time and money for something that works exactly the same.


15Keep A Clean Fireplace

A lot of the aluminium hacks we have gone through help fix problems after they happen but this hack for fireplaces takes preventative measures.

If you have a real wood-burning or coal fireplace at home then you will know how dirty the surrounding area and underneath can get when bits of dirt and ashes spit out of the roaring flames.

Once again aluminium foil not only solves this problem but makes life a lot easier.


By placing a double layer of aluminium foil underneath the fire and in the surrounding area the ashes will fall on to the foil as it burns.

When the fire has gone out and completely cooled off after 12 hours, all the remaining ashes can be cleared up by simply wrapping up the aluminium foil.

There is virtually nothing to clean up and it just saves so much time!


16Increase The Life Of Your Batteries

Running out of batteries is one of those things that always happens at the most inconvenient of times.

Worse still is when you run out of the correct size batteries but have lots of other smaller size batteries which don't fit the device.

There is a temporary solution to this scenario that involves using aluminium foil.


By putting a small ball of aluminium foil at the end of your smaller sized batteries you can make sure the batteries connect to both sides of the contacts thus ensuring a connection.

This solution is obviously just a temporary fix whilst you go get the proper sized batteries but it will help if you need to use the device quickly.


17Protecting Your Child's Mattress

Keeping a baby's bed clean isn't too much of a problem in the early days when they are wearing a diaper most of the time.

However, when the baby gets older and the diapers are gone things can become more of a problem when it comes to keeping their bed clean.

Aluminium foil is something parents can use to save a lot of time and money here.


Whilst some opt to use plastic mattress covers, using aluminium foil to cover your child's mattress is an effective alternative.

Cover the mattress in foil then place a towel on top. Tie the towel to the mattress before placing a fitted sheet over the whole thing.

Any leaks during the night the mattress will remain in good condition and everything else can be disposed of easily.


18Scrub Your Pots And Pans Clean

In similar fashion to your iron building up dirt and grime from heavy usage, the same can be said of your kitchen pots and pans.

Those sticky sauces and burnt ends that don't seem to budge when put under hot water may will start to disappear when you take some aluminium foil to it.


Crumple some aluminium foil into a ball but don't compact it down too tightly.

Use the rough surface of the foil to remove those stubborn areas of dirt that have built up over time.

The burnt areas should move pretty easily and your pans will be looking brand spanking new in no time.


19Protect Your Door Knobs When Painting

If you are a DIY enthusiast and want to spruce up your living area, giving your doors a new coat of paint is always a good idea.

And whilst most of the job is simple to do there is always the tricky bit around that pesky door knob.

Masking tape can be a good solution here but it takes time and you have to be precise.


An easy alternative to masking tape is to tightly wrap aluminium foil around the door knob.

Given the foil's ability to mould in to the shape perfectly it provides a quick solution to stopping paint getting on to areas it shouldn't be.

If you really want to get precise you can even cut around the foil to perfect the tin foil mould.

Once your paint job is completed just remove the foil and throw away. Easy!


20Soothing Joint And Muscle Pain

I bet you never thought aluminium foil could do this!

Joint and muscle are all unpleasant experiences and whilst they are always best relieved by getting advice and medication from your doctor, in some cases aluminium foil can provide temporary relief.


For instance wrapping your feet firmly in tin foil adds a form of compression which helps recovery from muscle pains that you have in your feet.

Leave the foil on for an hour or until the pain goes away.

Remember that aluminium foil is in no way a substitute for medical advice and always consult your doctor first.


21Get The Most From Your Radiator

Most people who have radiators in their home have them against their wall but its not the optimal solution to heat your home.

That's because most of the heat is is absorbed by the wall behind your radiator which means there is less heat in the room.

This is where aluminium foil comes in.


Wrap a large piece of cardboard in aluminium foil and place it behind your radiator.

As mentioned before with the iron hack, the aluminium foil will reflect the heat into the room rather than letting the wall absorb it.

This simple trick will heat your room faster but be prepared as you may need to turn the temperature down quickly with all the heat going back into the room.

It could help with those heating bills aswell.


22Keep Your Silver In Good Condition

If you haven't used the 'good silver' for a while it might have lost its sparkle being kept in a drawer for years and years.

Aluminium foil can help bring your silver back to life.

Line a bowl or pan with aluminium foil then fill it up with cold water. Add some salt or baking powder then put your silver in the solution for a few minutes. (Optional: add white vinegar for quicker results).


After the time has passed wash the silverware thoroughly before buffing it up to its former glory with a soft cloth.

This is a really simple yet effective trick for cleaning silver that can save you lots of money on expensive polishes.


23Keep Your Bread Warm

As we have established in a number of previous tips and tricks that aluminium foil can be used for, manipulating heat is one its best.

This comes in really handy when you baked homemade bread or cakes.

Whilst nothing beats the taste of homemade food it is even better when they is still warm.


If you wrap bread as soon as it comes out of the oven tightly with aluminium foil it will retain its heat for a long time.

You may have heard of the phrase, 'gone like hot cakes', so be warned that your family may take the lot of these warm treats without leaving you get in quick!


24Soften Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is one of those ingredients that you always have at the back of your kitchen cupboard even if you don't use it very often.

After a while of inactivity you will have noticed that the sugar hardens, making it difficult and frustrating when it comes to using it again.


By wrapping the sugar in aluminium foil and baking it in the oven for five minutes the sugar will return to its soft state ready to be used for your baking needs.

Another simple but really effective hack!


25Aluminium Foil To Help Boost Your Wifi?

There really is no end to the amount of useful hacks aluminium foil has!

We all know the joke about conspiracy theorists using tin foil hats to block signals to their head but can foil really provide a boost to your wifi signal?


If you find that your internet connection is weak, slow or unreliable aluminium foil might be the answer.

Wrap some aluminium foil around some cardboard and place it behind your router.

This setup should help boost your internet signal and make your internet connection more reliable. No more connectivity issues!


It Is One Of The Most Versatile Items You Can Use

As we have seen in all of these household hacks, aluminium foil is one versatile things you can use.

It can solve so many problems and save you so much time you really start to wonder why it is so cheap!

Are there any other hacks we have missed out? Let us know if you have any other suggestions in the comments below


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