11 Best Skin Care Foods That Will Keep Your Skin Looking Young And Glowing

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  • A Lot Of These Foods Contain Anti Oxidants Which Help Prevent Free Radical Damage To Your Skin
  • These Foods Are Some Of The Best Natural Skin Care Ingredients You Can Eat


A Natural Skin Care Routine That Is Anti Aging For Men And Women

Skin care is a top priority for both men and women today as a glowing skin makes you look more vibrant and can be a sign of good health.

With so many anti aging moisturizers on the market you would be forgiven for thinking that you need to spend large amounts of money on the latest L'Oreal skin care product for your skin to look good.

No matter how good your skincare regime is adjusting your diet can have the biggest impact on your health. Eating the right foods is not just about weight loss it also determines how we feel.

The following list of tasty foods promote a healthy skin. They can also help reduce the risk of skin and other cancers as well as protect against cardiovascular disease.

Let's take a look at these foods that will make your skin glow - a few will certainly surprise you.


If you have ever heard of brands like Cetaphil avocado oil which are used for skin conditions like eczema and dry skin, it won't surprise you to know of the powerful impact avocados can have on your skin.

The natural fats found in avocados are essential for the body and a number of its cellular functions. Not only that but it helps keep your skin flexible and glowing.

There have been studies that have indicated those with diets high in fats such as the type found in avocados result in much more supple and springy skin.

There is even evidence to suggest that avocados contain certain compounds that will protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun which causes wrinkles and signs of ageing.

A simple and natural skincare regime using avocado could be adding avocados to your morning slice of toast or by putting it in a salad, as this will help you increase the amounts of vitamin E and vitamin C in your body.

These nutrients make are essential in the creation of collagen which keeps your skin looking vibrant and healthy.

2Fatty Fish Contains Omega 3 For Dry Skin

Salmon, Mackerel and even Herring are all good sources for maintaining a healthy skin and what's great is that they all taste great (even if some of them smell a bit).

What they all have in common is that they are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which play a vital role in skin health and skin care.

Omega-3s keep the skin thick and supple and if you are deficient in these it can cause dry skin.

This amazing compound also reduces inflammation in the skin which can cause redness and even acne.

Fatty Fish is also high in nature made vitamin E and protein which both play a role in skin health. It also contains nature made zinc which is essential for regulating inflammation and the production of new skin cells.

In fact, zinc deficiency can lead to skin inflammation, lesions and delayed wound healing.

3Sunflower Seeds Are Excellent For Skin Care

A general rule of thumb is that nuts and seeds are good sources of nutrients that are beneficial to your skin.

And Sunflower seeds stand out as an excellent example as sunflower seed oil has a number of benefits for skin.

Sunflower seeds contain significant amounts of nature made vitamin E, selenium, zinc and protein. Selenium and Zinc are essential minerals in the prevention of acne making sunflower seeds one of the best skincare for acne.

Protein is required for maintaining strength and integrity of your skin and Sunflower seeds are a great source, making it a great natural skin care food.

Vitamin E also helps protect your skin from free radical damage and inflammation.

4Red Or Yellow Bell Peppers

Bells peppers are a fantastic source of a beta carotene. This compound is used by your body which converts it into vitamin A.

In fact one cup of chopped red bell peppers contain the equivalent of 156% of your recommended daily value of vitamin A.

In addition to the high amounts of vitamin A, bell peppers are also a great source of vitamin C which plays an integral role in the creation of collagen.

And collagen is what keeps your skin glowing.

In fact vitamin C is plays such a vital role for skin health many companies sell vitamin C supplements today including big brands like Covey Vitamin C Serum and Dime Beauty Vitamin C supplements.

However, a single cup of bell peppers provides a natural skin care alternative and has an incredible 211% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C.

Getting plenty of vitamin C has been shown to reduce wrinkles and dry skin with age.

5Dark Chocolate Contains High Amounts Of Cocoa

If anyone tells you chocolate is bad for your just tell them its dark chocolate is good for your skin and has many anti aging properties!

Just make sure its dark chocolate though because of the high amounts of cocoa which have amazing effects on your body due to the large level of antioxidants they have.

You may know of the benefits cocoa butter cream has for dry skin and whilst dark chocolate body cream may not be a suitable alternative, dark chocolate certainly is.

A number of studies have found that by increasing your intake of cocoa powder your skin will feel thicker and more hydrated.

This finding has been attributed to the improved blood flow which brings more nutrients to your skin making them less scaly and less sensitive to sunburn.

Make sure its at least 70% cocoa chocolate as the popular milk chocolates contain too much sugar and little amounts of cocoa. The high sugar content will actually break down the amounts of collagen in your skin and even cause breakouts.

6Tomatoes Help Provide Natural Skincare Protection Against Acne

Another tasty food on the list that can help keep your skin looking healthy.

Tomatoes are delicious and with a little ingenuity can be added to most meals. You can enjoy them fresh, cooked or even create sauces from them.

They are the staple of the Mediterranean and some studies have even shown they may potentially reduce your chances of skin cancer.

Tomatoes provide you body with a good amount of vitamin C, which will help prevent scaly skin and are considered a top superfood when it comes to anti aging and your skin.

In addition to this tomatoes contain all of the major carotenoids and are a great source of beta carotene, lutein, and lycopene. These powerful antioxidants protect skin from sun damage.

More exciting still is that to fully absorb the carotenoids in your diet, they are best eaten with some kind of fat. Consider this your free pass to snack on a little avocado, cheese, olive oil, or nuts at the same time.


Broccoli is another superfood on the list that you may not have known the amazing benefits it has for your skin. It's so good that there are even Broccoli face creams available in stores.

The versatile vegetable may not be too everyones taste but it is full of vitamins and minerals important for your skin health including zinc, which plays a vital role in the production of new skin cells, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Broccoli also contains compounds like lutein which is a carotenoid. This is another antioxidant which prevents harmful free radical damage to your skin.

Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts are an amazing compound with an impressive list of health benefits. Such is the power of this compound it also available through direct supplementation via Avmacol sulforaphane.

Possibly the most impressive benefit it that is has anti-cancer properties including some types of skin cancer.

Sulforaphane acts as a powerful protective agent against sun damage as it neutralises free radicals and stimulates other protective systems in your body.

In a study conducted on its effectiveness they found that sulforaphane reduced he number of skin cells killed by UV lights by 29%.

8Walnut Benefits For Skin Are Numerous

Walnuts not only taste great but the contain so many nutrients that are great for your health including your skin care.

In particular walnuts are a great source of fatty acids, which are fats that the body cannot make itself. Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of healthy cells and because our body require them to be ingested through a healthy diet, walnuts can play a huge role.

Although walnuts contain omega-6 fatty acids which may promote inflammation of the skin they also contain high amounts of omega-3s which significantly reduce inflammation in your body including your skin.

Walnuts also contain the skin-loving antioxidants vitamin C and vitamin E, selenium, as well as 4–5 grams of protein per ounce.

Nature made Zinc is also found in walnuts and one ounce provides 8% of your daily recommended amount.

9Green Tea Helps With Skin Care

Whilst black tea is the most consumed drink in the tea family around the world, it is green tea that offers more benefits for your health and skin.

There are a number of benefits of tea for skin care, however, green tea contains a number of extremely powerful compounds called catechins which like many antioxidants work to protect your skin from sun damage.

In a study conducted over 12 weeks where 60 women drank green tea daily, they found that their redness from sun exposure decreased by 25%.

The green tea also improved the moisture, thickness and elasticity of their skin making skin look younger as a result such are the drink's powerful anti aging properties.

Green tea is definitely an acquired taste and you have to get used to. Don't be tempted to add milk to the tea as it can reduce the benefits of the tea's antioxidants.

10Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are generally recommended by weight loss experts used to provide slow releasing complex carbohydrates so you have more energy throughout the day.

But sweet potatoes also great for your skin and can help make it glow.

Sweet potatoes contain high amounts of Beta carotene which is converted by your body into vitamin A.

A 100g serving of sweet potatoes contain more than 6 times your recommended daily allowance.

Beta carotene acts like a natural sunblock and helps keep your skin healthy when exposed to the sun over long periods.

It may even help prevent sunburn and cell death but that doesn't mean you should skip the sunscreen if you are going to be outside for a significant amount of time.

Another interesting side effect of having a diet rich in beta carotene is that it can give you a warm, bronze tone to your skin, giving it a healthy and glowing feel.

Sweet potatoes are so versatile you can add them in to chips, stews, casseroles or even a sweet potato cake!

11Red Grapes Are Ideal For Skincare

Red grapes provide a natural source of the compound resveratrol.

Now you may never have heard of resveratrol but it has been shown to have some amazing anti aging benefits for your skin.

In fact you can now even buy resveratrol supplements from brands like Naomi resveratrol and Vinia Resvertrol such is the popularity of the compounds anti aging effects.

Nature made resveratrol is actually found in the skin of red grapes and they hinder the production of harmful free radicals which can do a lot of damage to skin cells. Free radicals are one of the prime drivers for older looking skin and premature ageing.

Resveratrol is also found in a number of beauty products which are designed to make your skin look younger.

Now you may be thinking that red wine is made from red grapes, surely a glass or two will help keep your skin looking younger.

Whilst resveratrol is present in red wine they are too many negative effects of drinking alcohol that may in fact reverse any potential health benefits.

Stick to the grapes.

The Anti Aging Effects Of These Foods Will Make Your Skin Glow Like Never Before

What you eat is more important to your skin health rather than applying expensive creams on it daily.

The foods on this list contain the highest levels of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vital nutrients that are naturally acquired and help with your skin care regime.

Add these foods to your diet and see your skin glow over time.

What do you think of these foods to help your skin? Let us know in the comments section below.


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