The Massive Lottery Winners That Blew All Their Millions Away


  • Easy Come Easy Go? How These Once Millionaires Lost Everything
  • They Should Have Been Set For Life But They Had No Idea How To Handle The Money

Would You Be Able To Handle Millions Of Dollars Overnight?

It's the dream - the jackpot win that will supposedly solve all your problems and give you the life of luxury that you always wanted.

But is it quite as simple as that?

It has been reported that nearly one third of lottery winners go bankrupt. Yes you read that right.

The sudden influx of extreme wealth is never seen as a problem but as you are about to see it has destroyed many people's lives and many have felt that they wish they never had won.

Whether it's giving it away to friends and family's or throwing lavish parties almost all bankruptcies occurred when the winner was acting like they would be rich forever.


UK's Youngest Ever Winner Callie Rogers Won £1.8million

At just the age of 16 Callie Rogers was the youngest ever winner of the UK Lottery.

The £1.9million jackpot seemed like a dream come true for the teenager who was growing up in foster care. However in the years after her remarkable win her life took a turn for the worse.

After quitting her job as a checkout girl, Rogers admitted to not listening to any of the advice she received from those around her as she went on a spending spree that would put the Kardashian's to shame.


She immediately left her foster family's home and bought a new house and a new car - even though she couldn't drive.

Over the next few years she spent £18,000 on cosmetic surgery, £300,000 on clothes and gave away £500,000 to friends and family.

The now penniless mum of three told ITV's This Morning that the stress of the money led her into a deep depression where she eventually tried to commit suicide.

She now advocates that the age to play the lottery be raised as getting the money so young was the main reason behind her depression.


Jane Park Was 17 Years Old When She Won £1million

Another youngster losing it all here as back in 2013, at the age of 17, Jane Park was working as an office assistant earning just £8 per hour. One Friday after work, she bought her first ever lottery ticket that changed her life overnight.

The £1million jackpot made her the youngest ever EuroMillions winner and she didn't waste any time spending it.

The Edinburgh born teenager bought a new flat, 3 new cars (VW Beetle, Range Rover and BMW), spent £50,000 on cosmetic surgery and over £50,000 on designer handbags.

Park also loves a night out and regularly racks up hundreds if not thousands on drinks.


Although she still has thousands of her lottery win still intact thanks to her small army of financial advisors, Park believes that she was too young when she received the money and that the age limit should be increased.

The life changing win has isolated her from her friends and made her very lonely as she spends most of her days just watching daytime TV and being miserable.

Daytime TV will do that to you.


Peter Kyle Won The Lottery And Blew It All On Drugs

In 2005 Peter Kyle from the UK thought he would be living the life of luxury after he scooped the £5million jackpot.

He spent his new found wealth on a five-bedroom mansion with a swimming pool, sauna and mini-bar.

In addition to the new house he splashed out on 3 new high end cars including a £40,000 new Mercedes.

Within three years the lottery winner had his house repossessed and was working at the £15-per-night Rooms Hotel in Plymouth. How?


Friends of the father of two claim that Kyle was let down by his advisors after a number of investments had gone wrong.

However, locals in the area believe that he was spending his money too lavishly, even giving expensive boats away to his close friends for £1.

With a number of unpaid bills and debts the last known whereabouts of Kyle was that he had relocated to Spain to escape the UK authorities.


Matt Myles Blew Half His Winnings On A 10 Month Holiday

Matt Myles from Hereford in the UK was working in factory when he struck the £1million jackpot. The 27-year-old was young, free and single so decided to take all his mates on a 10 month bender around the world, all expenses paid of course.

His first stop was Bali where he spent £10,000 in ten days on drinks and hotels.

Next up were Thailand, Brazil, Ibiza and finally New York where the Englishman bought over 150 bottles of vintage champagne and had hooked up with over 100 women.


It was the youngster's parents who put a stop to the out of control spending and put him back on the straight and narrow as they insisted he use his remaining funds to renovate some properties and invest for his future.

Whilst the jackpot winner has no regrets on his lifestyle he knew he had to reign in his spending habits.

Now in his thirties and having settled down with a long term partner Matt seems to have put it all behind him as he focus' on developing his prestige car company.

Although he probably won't admit it, his parents have saved him from losing all his money and I bet some of the following winners wish they had good parents too!


South Korean Janite Lee Won $18million

The chances of you going bankrupt become higher if you win the Lottery. Wow.

Whilst to seems that tens of millions of dollars should set you up for life it seems that so many just go on a crazy spending spree. That is what happened to Janite Lee who in 1993 won $18million.

Although Lee did purchase a luxury mansion over a million dollars the rest of her spending was selfless as she donated millions to charity.

Coming from a poor background the South Korean immigrant knew how hard many had it and gave a vast amount of her new acquired wealth away to good causes.


The 52-year-old even managed to donate hundreds of thousands to Bill Clinton's political campaigns because of how he promised to help those less well off.

The spending wouldn't last as by 2001 Lee had filed for bankruptcy. The former wig maker had used her lottery winnings as collateral to take out huge amounts of debt and was over $2million in debt by the time she realised the money had run out.


William Post Won $16.2million

At this point you might be thinking that it's understandable to lose a couple of million dollars as a new house can take a large chunk of those winnings. But you have to wonder how people end up broke and penniless when they have won $16million on the Pennsylvania Lottery?

That is exactly what happened to William 'Bud' Post in 1988...but it wasn't completely his fault.

If you have a brother who tries to kill you in order to get your money and a ex-girlfriend who sues you for her share of the winnings, you might get the feeling that your family and loved ones might not want what's best for you.


Like so many winners who had gone bankrupt, Bud fell into the spending trap. By the time he had bought a new mansion, a restaurant in Florida and his own plane he had ended with millions of dollars worth of debt.

Post was married seven times during his life but by the time the money had run out he had no one. He died alone in 2006 at the age of 66 whilst collecting food stamps.


Keith Gough Won £9million And Drunk Most Of It Away

In 2005, at the age 58, Keith Gough was enjoying a happy life with his wife Louise, working as a local baker. Life was simple but meaningful for the father of two who won a staggering £9million on the Lottery.

Within two years his wife had left him, he had lost touch with all of his friends and he was an alcoholic.

What did he blame for his demise? His Lottery win.

For a while things were going great - a new mansion, a box at his favourite soccer team's (Aston Villa) stadium, a few racehorses and a new BMW.


But the overnight millionaire father of two started to get bored with life and started drinking heavily.

It was at this time he met conman James Prince who swindled the lottery winner out of millions on bogus investments.

With all the stress from losing millions and his family being torn apart, together with the daily drinking, Gough died from a heart attack 5 years after his win in 2010.

Speaking to the Daily Mail he spoke of his experience with the Lottery, "Before the win all I would drink was some wine with a meal. I used to be popular but I've driven away all my friends. I don't trust anyone any more."


Tragic Story Of Andrew Whittaker's $300million Powerball Win

Jack Whittaker's huge $314million scoop back in 2002 was meant to be one of the happiest times in his life but just years later he says that he wish he had "torn up the ticket".

The West Virginia construction worker was a massive family man and had a larger than life personality but little did he realise the traumatic events that would follow from the the huge jackpot he won on Christmas Day.

Like many other winners Whittaker spent his winnings lavishly on those around them and ended up giving his 16-year-old grand-daughter thousands of dollars a week and multiple cars. Within two years she had become a drug addict and was found dead in the back of a van.


Devastated by the loss of his beloved grand-daughter, Whittaker's family and life was being torn apart. His wife had left him and he lost his 42-year-old daughter in 2009.

A depressed lottery winner started to gamble in order to escape the troubles of his family life. It was at this time that he lost millions of dollars and was even robbed on a number of occasions as everyone knew he used to carry hundreds of thousands of dollars around with him.

The construction entrepreneur died in June 2020 at the age of 72 with most of his wealth gone.


Ibi Roncaioli's Secret Life After Lottery Win Revealed

In 1991, both Ibi and her husband Joseph Roncaioli were living a comfortable middle class lifestyle in Canada when Ibi struck it lucky on the Lottery.

On the surface it looked like the couple would be going on to live the high life but things were about to take a dark turn for the worse.

Unbeknown to her gynaecologist husband, Ibi had two 'secret' sons with another man all these years. She decided to give a large part ($2million approx) of her winnings to her children.


When Joseph eventually found out about her other life he was enraged.

He decided to poison his wife by injecting her with a cocktail of drugs and painkillers.

Joseph was convicted of manslaughter and was sentenced to seven years in prison.


"Lotto Lout" Michael Carroll Won £9.7million

Michael Carroll became the infamous "Lotto Lout" in the UK for the lavish way he spent his fortune.

In 2002, at the age of 19, the bin-man bagged nearly £10million and didn't waste anytime squandering it.

Drugs fuelled parties and prostitutes were a regular occurrence at the youngster's new five bed mansion in Norfolk, where he claims to have had over 4,000 partners!

Before the jackpot scoop, Carroll and his fiancé, Sandra, were planning for their first child as Sandra was 7 months pregnant.

Within months of the win Sandra had moved out as she grew tired of the number of infidelities from her out of control husband.


With his ex-wife gone the parties started to get bigger and louder.

Every month Carroll threw Champagne parties that cost up to £50,000 not to mention a drug addiction that took £2,000 a day.

Coupled with the "vultures" and fake friends that were looking to exploit him for his new found wealth it was no surprise that the lottery winner's days at the top were numbered.

In a bid to save his lifestyle he invested any remaining cash he had into an investment company that failed. By 2012 he was broke and started taking welfare from the state. He now works delivery logs earning about £10 per hour.


What Lottery Winner's Failures Teach Us

Did all these lottery winners just have bad luck? That would be ironic.

Building wealth is a skill and unless you learn the secrets of achieving it you will fall to the same vices and temptations that these failures did.

Not only did these one-time millionaires lose all of their wealth but nearly every time they also lost their family and died lonely...a sobering thought.


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